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Best Handpan Drum

7 Considerations To Follow For Choosing The Best Handpan Drum


In the world of music, the name of ultimate truth is the handpan. Not only…

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Ember Steel Handpan

Why Ember Steel Handpan Is Special In Music World?


It's almost impossible to imagine a world without music. This particular amusement element became an…

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Amara Handpan

6 Interesting Tips You Must Follow To Maintain Amara Handpan


Handpans are one of the most expensive musical instruments. So, once you invest in it,…

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Handpan Instrument

Two must-check qualities in a Handpan instrument: Tuning and crosstalk


Handpan is a relatively young addition to the world of musical instruments. And in such…

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Musical Instrument Hang

Six Most-loved Scales in Musical Instrument Hang


As promised in the previous blog, today we will be discussing what scale in Musical…

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Stahlzungentrommel Handpan

4 reasons why the Stahlzungentrommel handpan is the best instrument to learn


If you are planning to dive into the world of music, learning how to play…

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Opsilon Handpan Drum

7 Ways Opsilon Handpan Drum Can Be Beneficial For Your Kid


With the start of the 21st century, music has been reincarnated into a new form…

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Yishama handpan drum

3 Different Types Of Metals Used In The Making Of Yishama Handpan Drum


Though listening to tunes, resonance, and rhythm is essential when buying a handpan, you can't…

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Ayasa handpan

Why Is Ayasa Handpan One Of The Most Special Instruments?


When it comes to music, every corner of it is amazing. And do you know…

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Yatao Drum

6 Ways Yatao Drum Handpan Can Improve Your Well-Being


We all love and enjoy listening to music. But we mostly enjoy listening to them…

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hang instrument

The Sound Therapy Of Hang Instrument


When it comes to better health, nothing can beat the importance of mental well-being. The…

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Handpan Dojo

Step-By-Step Guide Of Building Handpan Dojo Instrument


Are you enthusiastic about handpan? Well, who is not? After all, it is the best…

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Handpan günstig

Handpan Günstig: 7 Reasons Why Handpans Are Expensive


Suppose you discover handpan on social media, listen to it on youtube and other music…

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handpan portal

Handpan Portal: Understanding And Benefits Of Handpan Website


What is the first thing you would do to know about a fact or a…

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