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Handpans are one of the most expensive musical instruments. So, once you invest in it, you would surely want to take care of the investment, right? Also, besides being a music devotee, it’s your foremost duty to protect instruments. And, speaking of handpans, these delicate instruments are prone to attracting rust and corrosion, thus they need extra care. To help you out, we are disclosing 6 exciting tips to maintain your Amara handpan at home. Let’s delve into it! 


6 Tips You Must Follow To Maintain Amara Handpan

Handpans are metal-based instruments. Different types of alloy are used to make them robust. But this certainly makes it vulnerable to rust. However, here are 6 tips that can help you to maintain the instrument.

  • Use handpan Cover


After buying a handpan, the most common mistake beginners commit is leaving the instrument open. This can lead to rust and other significant damages, including cracks. Instead, you must use the best quality handpan covers that protect the instruments from dirt and moisture. Ultimately, you can keep your handpan dirt-free, rust-free, scratch-free, and stains-free, making it more durable.

  • Wipe Down Frequent


Do you know the best trick to keep your Amara handpan clean and dirt-free? Wiping them almost every day after you are done playing! “Wiping the handpan” might sound very regular, but most people tend to overlook it. Remember, steels and steel-related alloys tend to catch dirt and debris on them. And regular wipe-down can certainly clear out sedimented dirt from your percussion instruments.

  • Keep Away Heat


Metals react differently when they come in contact with heat. After a specific limit of temperature increases, metals even change their form. Similarly, if your instrument is placed near heat almost daily, it will get damaged very soon. Since handpans are metallic musical instruments, and entirely handmade; you must keep them at an average temperature and away from direct sunlight and heat. 

  • Keep Handpan Dry And Clean


Another best way to maintain an Amara handpan is by keeping them dry and clean. Many musicians often complain about rust on their musical instruments. Usually, they like to blame handpan manufacturers, but the dispute lies in their handpan care routine. 


As we have already mentioned earlier in the blog, dirt and moisture are significant concerns for the health of the handpan. Metals oxidize with dirt particles and moisture, deteriorating the instrument’s shape. So always keep it dry and clean.

  • Use Alcohol


It doesn’t matter whether you play mystic or Amara handpan; you can keep it well-polished by rubbing alcohol on it. And by alcohol, we certainly mean isopropyl alcohol or rubbing Alcohol which is an ethanol-based chemical usually 50-75% thinned down with a diluent like water. you can instantly see the difference after applying drops of such chemicals to your musical instrument.

  • Use Handpan Oil


Our last and final tip is to use handpan oil on your handpan instrument. The best quality and toxin-free handpan oil remove dirt and stains on the instrument’s surface. Some handpan oils appear with a non-sticky formula, and choosing them is your best bet! Overall, you can keep your instrument lustrous and skin irritation-free using handpan oil.


Maintaining an Amara handpan is not easy as it seems. But still, you can make it comfortable by following these 6 easy tips. These practical tips won’t just help you to protect your handpan but also can make it new. Now visit our official website right now to handpan kaufen or handpan mieten. Also get handpan berarung and handpan spielen lernen from us.




How to clean a handpan?

To clean your handpan, firstly you need to put a generous splash of isopropyl/rubbing alcohol onto a soft cleaning cloth. And then, wipe up your handpan gently with it to make it sparkle again.


Why is it necessary to maintain a handpan?

Unless you maintain a handpan properly, it will get stains, rust, dirt, and corrosion, which can deteriorate its tonal quality. So, to keep your pricey instrument in its best condition, you should always take good care of it.  


Things to use to clean a handpan?

There are various things you can use to clean and maintain the handpan. You can use regular cleaning mits, metal cleaners, isopropyl/rubbing Alcohol, and handpan oil. For regular cleaning, mits and towels are enough but use handpan oil if it loses its luster.