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Like other types of musical instruments, the handpan is also divided by scales. And the name of the most enormous and rich scale is known as Celtic Minor. Handpan Celtic Minor or Amara scale is basically adopted for the hexatonic Dorian/minor scale, which means you can get both soft and deep resonance from the instrument. But the question is, is this scale better worth investing in? Let’s know that in this write-up. 


What Is a Handpan Celtic Minor?


Before diving into the traits of Handpan Celtic Minor, let’s evaluate this term in detail. Handpan Amara or Celtic Minor is a type of sound scale handpan, specifically adopted from the Irish or Scottish hexatonic Dorian/minor scale. Such double mode is created when the sixth degree of the Aeolian or natural minor scale is omitted from the hexatonic Dorian.


Similar to the Integral scale, Celtic Minor is very versatile and very vibrant in creating soothing sounds. What’s more interesting, the Celtic Minor also creates a suspended mood, oriented towards minor 7th chords and sounds, which avoids the tension created by diminished chords. 


5 Traits Of Handpan Amara Or Celtic Minor


  • Sophisticated Tonal Balance


One of the most important traits of Celtic Minor is tonal balance. Many beginners might ask – “what is the tonal balance?” Well, it is basically an ability of an instrument to distribute the power of sound throughout the frequency spectrum. In detail, it is the correct distribution of the loudness in each composition, which is important to create a soothing sound. And the scale Celtic Minor can give such tonal balance to an instrument, taking music to the next level.


  • Well-Balanced Sustain  


Handpan Celtic Minor or Amara scale is also responsible for well balanced sustain in an instrument. If you don’t know, sustain is basically the ability of an instrument to maintain sound in a single note. This means the ability of the handpan to create undistracted sound waves. And the precise flow of Celtic Minor gives this instrument a well-balanced sustain to create a beautiful sound. Ultimately you can enjoy the essence of the beautiful sound spectrum.


  • Made Of Nitrided and Stainless Steel


Handpans that are scaled Celtic Minor are mostly processed with steel that is either stainless or gas nitrided. A handpan needs to possess better tonal balance to create a soft and soothing sound. And do you know what can assure a handpan grate tonal balance? Metal that creates smooth resonance. And both nitrided and stainless steel can create the smooth resonance you seek. So you would also get a more durable and corrosion-resistant instrument as an added benefit.


  • Celtic Minor Is Versatile


Do you know what is another important trait that makes Handpan Celtic Minor worth investing in? Versatility! Compared to other types of scales Celtic minor or Amara scale is the most versatile scale you can have in a handpan. Since it’s very similar to an integral scale, which is known to create different tonal fields, it can be said that Celtic Minor or Amara scale is very versatile in nature. 


  • Best for Both Beginners And Pros


The last and most essential trait that makes Celtic Minor or Amara the best scale is it is best for both beginners and advanced players. But what makes it best for both beginners and professionals? Well, tonal balance, sustainability, metal quality used for this scale, and versatility. 


When an instrument is characterized by good tonal balance and well-balanced sustain, they create a soft yet deep sound. And this sound effect helps beginners to learn about notes fast. Besides, the versatility of the instrument makes it perfect for professionals since they perform different songs. 


So these are the 5 main traits that determine why Handpan Celtic Minor is worth investing in. Now if you want to buy a Celtic Minor handpan along with a handpan steel drum, Opsilon handpan drum, a Yishama handpan drum, stahlzungentrommel handpan, and the best hang drum visit our online store now. Also, know where to learn the best handpan music chatting with us.




Is the handpan a healing instrument?

Yes, the handpan is known as a healing instrument since it can mentally heal a person. Unlike any other instrument, Handpan is known to produce 432 Hz frequency, which is believed to heal and energize you mentally. 


What is the best key for a handpan?

Generally, there are a total of 3 types of scales in handpan, they are Kurd, Amara or Celtic Minor, and Mystic. And If you mainly want to blend in any music composition Celtic D minor is recommended.