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What is the first thing you would do to know about a fact or a subject or any object? Definitely search it online on the search engines. Right? After all, it is a reliable option to know everything you seek. And probably the best way to grow your knowledge. Handpan portal is such a platform through which you get detailed insight about handpans. It is a place through which you can purchase the instrument, take lessons on it, and grow your musical career. So if you want to know the importance of handpan drum portals along with their help and benefits follow this write-up till the end. 


Importance Of Handpan Portal


To understand the importance of a handpan website, let’s know why handpans as a musical instrument are important. If you love soothing and relaxing music that heals you from the inside, then it’s definitely important.


Since you need to be mentally stable to fight challenges in your life you need music that mentally relaxes you. A Handpan portal being a medium helps you to listen to the handpan, gives you all kinds of details, and helps you accept the instrument in your daily life. 


Apart from a mode of entertainment and infotainment, handpan websites play a major role in dealing with handpans. A handpan drum portal from a well-known handpan organization also sells different types of handpan of different scales. Even lease them to part-time musicians and help them to grow their musical ability. 


Helpful of handpan portal


There are many ways a portal can help you out. These are mentioned in the following:


  • It helps you to know about handpan


  • It helps you to hear handpan sounds 


  • It can help you understand the genre of handpan


  • It can help you to get one


  • A handpan Portal can help you to learn and practice them, sitting in your home.  



4 Significant Benefits Of Buying Handpan Through Handpan Portal

  • Gives You Elaborated Knowledge


Suppose you are new to the music industry and have barely any knowledge about handpan. A website can give you detailed information about the instrument you need to know. Since you want to grow your career with the musical instrument you need to know about its past. And the portal will inform you how the instrument was discovered, who it could be used when it could be used, and the different scales.

  • Steps To Buy


Being crazy about music and different musical instruments you would definitely love to add a handpan to your new collection. And do you know what can help you get one right at your home? A handpan portal! Since handpan is not available in every part of the world, considering a website is a much better idea. Besides, there are hundreds of mature handpan makers. Buying online would help you to avoid them. 

  • Updates You About This Instrument


Another major benefit you get from the handpan portal is updated about the instrument. Along with fundamental knowledge on the instrument and ways to buy it, the portal also updates you about the instrument which helps you to know the latest trends and fashion.

  • Guide in Scale


Like other different types of musical instruments, this UFO-shaped percussion instrument also has different scales and tonal fields. And you need proper guidance to get used to different scales in different kinds of music. However, a handpan website can help you in this matter and help you to grow your skills.


When you need to learn about handpan or buy them to take advanced lessons, the handpan portal is the only reliable choice you can consider. Now if you want to know more about handpans and buy one for yourself, visit our online handpan store to get Opsilon handpan drum, yishama handpan drum, the best hang drum, and beginner handpan




How long does it take to make a handpan?

Handpan is manufactured with hands and hammers. So according to the estimation each instrument takes about three to four weeks to make it well-polished, tuned, and perfect. 


Do handpans go out of tune?

Yes! Handpan does go out of tune, especially when they are many years old. Even can go out of tune if you play too hard. But you can return it by recruiting professional manufacturers. 

We all love and enjoy listening to music. But we mostly enjoy listening to them while doing our activities. But do you know why? Because music plays an important role in enhancing our cognitive approaches and well-being. Sweet and ear soothing music, especially of handpans, directly affects our brain and synchronizes it with rhythm, making us more active. And this way it improves your well-being. Read 6 ways Yatao drum Handpan Can Improve your well-being.


6 Ways Yatao Drum Handpan Can Improve Your Well-Being

Physical well-being is directly connected to your mental well-being. And handpans improving your mental well-being enhances physical-well being in 7 ways, which we are discussing in the following:


  • Can Keep You Happy And Positive


Yatao Drum handpans have a type of sound, listening to which would feel like having a conversation with invisible energy. It releases a rhythmic vibration that is literally hypotonic and innocent, enough to make you feel relaxed and easy. Overall, listening to a handpan is like a date with your soulmate where you sacrifice all your inner pain. Ultimately it would help you to drive towards happiness and positivity. 


  • Can Enhance Your Mind


The human mind is all responsible for such growth and development in your social ecology. But very few can keep their mind stable to think innovative and impressively. However, you solve such issues just with the help of a handpan. Because, when you listen to the handpan, ear-soothing tines hit our brain making it more active.


Even some studies claim, that the power of music primarily affects the mind of a human being. Since human brains coordinate with frequencies your mind can respond better by listening to them.


  • Helps You With Mental And Physical Relaxation


Have you ever listened to a chorus? Isn’t it fascinating? You definitely loved that music as a whole, as it might have felt like getting into a new dimension. But have you ever thought about why such music can calm your nerves? Well, the answer lies behind resonance that makes us mentally and physically relaxed. 


It’s no surprise that the sound of the Yatao Drum handpan is hypotonic, and listening to them at the end of the day can engage you in peace. At some point, the music of the drum can help you to get a good sleep. And this is how a handpan can help you provide mental and physical relaxation.


  • Improves Relationships With Your Partner


Music no wonder plays the role of a catalyst in a relationship. But Do you know how Yatao handpan can perform that? Well, to understand first you need to understand how music is related to our emotions. Basically, responding to sound is a natural behavior of people. 


People primarily encode a sound to determine what it means and then respond to it. Similarly, when the handpan creates a deep vibrating sound it triggers the romantic mood of people helping in their relationship.


  • You Can Connect Better With Children


If you are a parent you know how hard it can be to communicate with a child. Sometimes you might try enough to communicate but they can barely respond to you back. But whether you discover it or not, kids respond well when you rhyme your words. Well, this is because babies respond better to music. Moreover, music also affects the growth of a child since the music of the Yatao drum handpan organizes and structures the thoughts of a baby.



  • Help You With Personal Activities Like Exercising


You might have discovered that doing personal activities like studying and exercising gives you inner strength and motivation while listening to music. An upbeat tempo from a Yatao handpan song can increase your rhythmic movements while walking or running, while the slower and softer sounds of this instrumental form can enrich your yoga or stretching routine. In other words, having the motivation from this musical experience can increase your work output, both physically and mentally.


When it comes to music as a whole, nothing comes ahead of the Yatao Drum handpan. Why? So if you want to gain better well-being immediately get yourself a handpan instrument. Visit our website to explore Ayasa handpan, the best handpan workshops products, Amara handpan, handpan gebraucht kaufen and more.

When it comes to music, every corner of it is amazing. And do you know what makes it more amazing and fascinating?  The Ayasa handpan! Handpans are some of the finest discoveries of recent times. Not only is it known for creating some of the best sounds but also admired for its sound healing quality. However, these are actually not the points that make this magical instrument special. There are a total of 5 facts that make this instrument rich and special in its own way. Want to know them? Follow the following. 


5 Reasons why Ayasa Handpan Is One Of The Most Special Instruments


  • New in Market


We all know music is a cultural aspect as old as our ancestors. And this is probably the reason why we find most instruments of recent times are centuries old. For instance, the guitar, one of the most admired musical instruments, was actually founded in the 16th century. If you pick the piano, it was also invented in the year of the 18th century. However, this is not the case with handpan. 


Ayasa Handpan is some of the newest instruments of recent times with a more advanced tonal structure. It was designed and built in the year of 2000 in Switzerland. And this is what makes it special.  


  • Handmade


In this modern era of technology, there is barely anything made without the help of machines. Starting from regular painting to sculpture escalating the interior look of your home, most things are made with the help of AI. Not even the world-famous musical instruments like guitar, violin, flute and many more are out of this list. 


But the only instrument which is completely made without technology is a handpan. The only machine craftsmen use while making a handpan is a hammer. Professional craftsmen using hammers gives this instrument a unique shape which helps it to resonate more freely. 



  • User Friendly


Do you know what is another factor of the Ayasa handpan that makes it special and the finest in the music world? Its user-friendly nature! Have you ever played the guitars? If you are playing it for years, you know how bad they are for your fingertips. In some cases, guitar players are reported to face finger infections which are not very good for someone’s personal health. And such minor to major issues are common in playing many instruments. 


But this is not the case with handpan. Handpans might seem very big and heavy, but they are actually light and user-friendly for everyone. And most importantly you can play it comfortably with any sitting posture.  


  • Easy to Learn


Apart from its user-friendly nature, there is another factor that makes the handpan special and some of the most expensive instruments of recent times. And that is an easy learning facility! What could be more comfortable than having a musical instrument that is very easy to learn? And the handpan is exactly the type of instrument that needs barely any deep knowledge of music. 


Even, the tonal flexibility of this instrument helps you if you are a singer and professional musician to explore new rhythms. And that is what makes the handpan special and the most demanding instrument. 


  • Frequency


When it comes to sound healing or sound therapy, handpans are considered to be one of the most potent musical instruments of the modern era. But do you know what gives it the power to heal people compared to other instruments? The frequency, which comes from its unique aesthetic. Handpans get their great resonance power from their convex, round design


In frequency, an Ayasa handpan is an instrument where each musical note is tuned to a 1:2:3 frequency ratio. This means there are a total of three frequencies per note every time it is played. And what’s more interesting, all three of these frequencies are fundamental tone, an octave harmonic, and a compound fifth harmonic, which strike you at the same time. And when an octave tone hits you it relaxes your mind incorporating peace and positivity.


Ayasa Handpans are no wonder some of the special instruments of recent times. And what makes them special are these above-mentioned 5 factors.  So if you need the best and most authentic opsilon handpan drum, yishama handpan drum, and best hang drum or a stahlzungentrommel handpan to learn best handpan music visit our official website now.

Though listening to tunes, resonance, and rhythm is essential when buying a handpan, you can’t ignore the importance of metal used in them. And this is not just because you can get a robust instrument, to make sure it has better quality resonance. Besides, better metal quality ensures versatility in an instrument, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. So if you want to know 3 different types of metal used in the making of the Yashima handpan drum follow this blog!


Types of Steel used for Handpans


A Yashima handpan drum is one of the best metal-based percussion instruments of recent times. And while crafting this instrument different manufacturers use different types of metals. Which includes, pure steel, different kinds of alloys and many more. But there are 3 different types of metals most professionals prefer using. And they are nitrided, stainless steel and ember steel. 


Nitrided steel is basically one of the strongest types of steel that are used to make handpans, helping it to create better sustain. Meanwhile, stainless steel handpans have a longer, warmer sound that delivers a more resonating sound, and blends a nice deep tone. Ember steel on the other hand is a new inclination in the handpan world characterized to create soft, ceramic and crystal-clear sounds.


3 Different Yashima Handpan Drum Metals In Detail 


  • Nitrided Steel Example


Some handpans are known to create a deep vibrating sound that spiritually affects your feeling. And do you know what type of steel they are made of? Nitrided steel! But what is nitrided steel? Well, it is a type of steel artificially treated to be strong and more robust. Primarily, this gas treatment assures corrosion shield instruments, which means it is extremely rust-resistant. Besides, it helps Yashima handpan drums to create better and higher frequencies in the sound. This means the instrument possesses more sustain.


  • Stainless Steel Example


Stainless steel is another most common type of metal used for making handpan. After listening to some handpans have you ever wondered why it sounds so specific like each sound hits differently? Well, you must thank stainless steel for this. Relatively lighter than other types of metals and alloys, stainless steel also creates better resonance and is famous for its medium-long sustain. Though most manufactures say of using 100% stainless steel but uses a minimal amount of alloy to make it corrosion-free and durable. 


  • Ember Steel Example


We all love handpan for its magical sound. With the precise resonance of this instrument, we all love to travel the dimension of peace. But do you know what makes such a handpan potent? Ember steel manufacturing! Better than both nitrided and stainless steel, the ember steel handpan creates a warmer tone. Even possessing a well-balanced sustain that helps this instrument to create a magical sound you can get from anywhere else. 


Which is The Best?


If you are asking which one is the best metal for a handpan, to be honest, there is actually no best metal for a handpan between these three options. And this is because all three types of steel are special in their own way. Interestingly, nine of these steels have a strong negative point to justify their weakness. What’s more, the differences are subtle enough to offer small variations on a theme.


Although, a few years back people found to believe that stainless and ember steel would be replaced with nitrided steel because of corrosion issues. And this later turned out to be untrue, since corrosion issues are later found equal in all. The main cause of corrosion issues is poor maintenance of the instrument. When people barely cover their instruments to avoid dust and moisture or take the right measure, rust would be common.  


However, the right choice of material hugely depends on your needs and the use of the Yashima handpan drum. If you are willing to be a performer in an open space, it’s recommended to choose a nitrided handpan. Because it can give you both sustain and power to make the music audible to listeners standing wide away.


When choosing a Yashima handpan drum your first priority should check its sustain, tones and notes. You must also prefer checking the metal used in it. Why? Take the help of this absolute guide. So if this blog inspires you to buy a handpan, visit our website and explore our mystical handpan, affordable handpan, handpan celtic minor, hang drum gebraucht, and handpan gebraucht.

With the start of the 21st century, music has been reincarnated into a new form with help of an enormous instrument called the Opsilon handpan drum. Beyond entertainment, music is now some of the best forms of medication and a way to enhance mental coordination in kids of all ages.  Here are 7 benefits of handpan on kids that being a parent you must read.


7 Benefits Of Opsilon Handpan Drum On Kids


  • Therapeutic Toll For Mental and Physical Health


According to modern science, the human body has an innate response to music. As we all know, the human body consists of 75% water, and water is a good conductor of vibration; you can estimate how deeply music affects kids. 


However, handpan are some of the vibrant insurers that create deep-toned and room-filling resonance. Since they are made with pure quality steel and steel-based alloys, they generate better reverberation which can physically and mentally heal anyone from inside.


Kids with low self-esteem make their own barricade, pushing away many opportunities. The healing and calming soundwave of the handpan helps them to go beyond their limitations and accept challenges, and prepare themselves for their better version.


  • Improves Discipline & Concentration


Discipline and concentration are other important things you must focus on when your kids are growing up gradually. And do you know what can help you in this matter? Sound therapy with Opsilon handpan drum


When you indulge your kids in handpan, help them to maintain a routine and keep the focus on their learning activities. And this enormously helps them to improve discipline and concentration. Besides, the handpan known for creating ear-soothing sounds, helps your kids concentrate more.


However, make sure you never force them to learn it. The mesmerizing soundscape of the handpan pulls every attention into it. When you show interest in the instrument or listen to its streaming on online podiums, your kids  will be automatically attracted to this divine instrument


  • Music Boosts Communication Skills


Music therapy with Opsilon handpan drum is a legit treatment that is proved to be effective in healing and boosting the learning processes. Moreover, it can help cope with traumatic circumstances, suppress stressors, and overcome difficulties. And no wonder kids often face them and hide them instead of communicating them to elders. However, playing the handpan at that moment relieves tension, helping them to confess their feelings.


  • Enhances The Understanding Of Music


Besides cognitive needs, there is another way a handpan can benefit your kid. Since the handpan is primarily a percussion tool, learning it can engage your kid in the world of music. Playing handpan will give your kid a comprehensive knowledge of notes, tunes, and scales. Later he or she can create and compose better ear-soothing music that the public demands to listen to. Besides, a handpan can also help you to develop your technical and theoretical skills. 


  • Improves Translatable Skills For Other Instruments


To be honest, there is barely any difference between percussion, wind, and string instruments, when it comes to the notes. And learning an Opsilon handpan drum develops a deeper connection to the time and will only benefit when your kid would tend to learn a new instrument. So if your kid plays piano, violin, or tabla after playing handpan, he can easily create rhythm, without flaws. 


  • Learning & Playing Drums Builds Confidence


Apart from mental health, kids need to build their confidence to tackle coming challenges in their life. Without boosted confidence not only they can lack decision-making but can face anxiety disorders. And nothing can be as good as music therapy of handpan to build confidence at a very early age. Some studies proved that when people tend to be involved in music activities they tend to grow more confidence than any regular man.


Stress and anxiety have become common in kids these days, they need proper medication to heal themselves naturally. An Opsilon handpan drum can remove tension and anxiety in kids, bringing positivity to their attitudes. If you want your kids to get engaged with soulful music and boost their cognitive growth, give them a handpan. In case you are browsing handpan drum for sale near me on Google, do visit our website and explore our D scale handpan drum, best handpan for beginners, best hang drum music lessons, and best handpan drum for pro players.

If you are planning to dive into the world of music, learning how to play the Stahlzungentrommel handpan will be your best bet! There are almost over hundred types of drum instruments, however, among all the steel tongue drum handpan is the best. And there are multiple reasons behind it. Besides, their breathtaking mesmerizing sound wave, more aspects pull music enthusiasts under its spell. Let’s find out in the blog below why these steel tongue drum instruments are so popular.

What makes Stahlzungentrommel handpan the king of all musical instruments?

 A steel tongue drum handpan generates a soothing and comforting no matter whether a beginner or a pro player is handling it. With all notes perfectly tuned, a Stahlzungentrommel handpan is well-compatible with any chord arrangement and note sequences, producing only a sweet melody. This makes it an easy-to-learn instrument and a perfect choice for beginners.

However, picking the precisely tuned instrument with crosstalk prohibition is crucial to enjoying its exotic flavors. And you should be utmost cautious, particularly when buying a handpan gebraucht. Check its tuning and note stability well before investing your money. Here is a quick guide for music enthusiasts that discloses why spending on a steel tongue drum can be fruitful:

Easy grasp of the scales and notes 

Not just do you learn to play the drum easily, but once you start your journey with the Stahlzungentrommel handpan, it will take no time for you to touch the heights. In simple words, you can very easily learn to improvise your playing style, by grasping its note patterns, including the riffs, melodies, and licks. And without even having to understand the music theory, you can play the instrument, producing an incredible sound wave.

Always on the trends 

A steel tongue drum might have only 9 notes, but with these few the instrument can offer an enormous miscellany of moods, feelings, and sentiments. All you need to do is make little tweaking in the rhythm, scale patterns, and playing styles. Humans with their versatile hands can do anything. And the best thing they choose to do is create new tones and soundscapes in handpans.

That means, neither you will get bored playing the instrument nor the instrument itself will get old in the music industry. Owing to this reason, we always suggest people get their hands on a steel tongue drum when it comes to handpan berarung.

Best for Sound Therapies 

Sound healing is deep-rooted in Western music culture. And steel tongue drums are the perfect choice for practitioners. Their long ringing notes, aftertaste, and room-filling resonance wash away all the negativity, refreshing your mood and mind. Its deep-toned reverberation heals you internally, stimulates your chakra, and lets you delve into self-introspection. As a result, you can self-heal yourself, fighting off your anxiety, depression, and mental ailments.

The best gateway instrument 

A steel tongue drum handpan is the perfect example of it’s never too late to start. Music is something that one needs to practice from a very childhood to be a pro musician as a grown-up. However, proving it wrong handpan lets people of any age involve in music and collaborate with other musicians in real-time. In short, you do not need to belong to a musical background to learn to play a steel tongue drum handpan.

With diversity and adaptability, musical instruments let you emerge yourself in music and develop your ability fast. Within a few months of practice, you can adapt to any music style, pattern, and instrument, jamming with other musicians. In fact, you can also choose to record your handpan music and blend it with other musical instruments to develop a track. 

With the tonal qualities and tempting look, a Stahlzungentrommel handpan can instantly make an individual fall for it. However, since the handpan cost is pretty expensive, you need to find an authentic source to buy it.  Other than, a steel tongue drum handpan, the Ayasa handpan

and handpan Celtic minor scales have high popularity among musicians. You can visit our site to explore different scales and series of handpans. Stay tuned to our website to read more blogs on handpans.

Handpan is a relatively young addition to the world of musical instruments. And in such a short span, the instrument has earned great appreciation from music enthusiasts across the world. Due to the rising demand for musical instruments, many artists are crafting their own version of handpans. And to be honest, every handpan looks just the same! As they say, looks can often be deceiving. So what are the qualities that make the best handpan instrument? The answer is pretty simple: tuning and crosstalk prohibition.

There are obviously more aspects of choosing the best handpan drum, but these two attributes are basic and probably the most important.


Top-of-the-line qualities of the best Handpan instrument 


Whether you’re looking for a beginner handpan or for an advanced playing style, there are a few qualities that are unavoidable. Among them, we have already mentioned two aspects right in the beginning. And here we’re going to elaborate on them in detail.


Handpan tuning- 1:2:3


A handpan that is precisely tuned is a rare gem. So when you’re picking a handpan for beginners, carefully notice whether its notes are tuned to a particular pitch of a defined handpan scale. Moreover, there must be 2 additional overtones in each note, following the ratio of 1:2:3.


In simple words, suppose the fundamental note of an ember Steel handpan is 220 Hz (A3), its first overtone should be twice that specific frequency, meaning 440Hz(A4). Following the same, the second overtones or harmonics will be thrice of that frequency, meaning 660 Hz (E5).


That is the most standard tuning of a handpan. However, there are different handpan instrument models crafted between the years 2000 to 2006 that have one or more than one note with a third harmonic. Also, some handpan makers love to tweak with tuning and use shoulder tones or rim tones. Since rim tunes are tough to manage, there is no specific tuning standard. A handpan model can comprise 5 pitches with active overtones.


You can either choose to tune your Handpan beginner model artfully or perfectly. And in either case, you can get a strangely beautiful sound spectrum. To get the best handpan music, the craftsman needs to leave specific overtones a little bit sharp and the other harmonics a little flat.


Unnecessary crosstalk prohibition 


The next essential aspect of a handpan is its amazing note isolation. That means, there should be no crosstalk between the handpan notes. In simple words, when you’re playing your Handpan instrument, you should play a single note without triggering the neighboring notes. There should be ‘dead space’ between each note which is known as an interstitial in the musical term. The dead space produces a clear and balanced sound wave. And this interstitial is particularly important when two notes are present in a half-step difference.


So when you’re purchasing your first ever handpan, play it. In case you’re ordering online, check YouTube videos to see others playing the instrument. When crosstalk is present, the tonal quality of the handpans appears discordant, which sounds really unmelodious.


Well, the more the number of notes present in a handpan, the more the chances of crosstalk. That is why experts always suggest purchasing a handpan beginner model that does not have more than eight or nine notes.


On the other hand, there is specific crosstalk, known as sympathy, which is considered to be a boon. As mentioned earlier in the write-up, a perfect handpan possesses three frequencies. They are respectively, fundamental, octave, and the third minor. And a fantastic example of sympathy is: that some handpans contain the E5 notes in both A3 and E4 notes. Here, when you play the E5 note, it activates both the A3 and E4. But instead of sounding peculiar, the tone produced is exceptionally mesmerizing and pleasing.


Final words 

Although the best handpan instrument features the best tunning and no crosstalk, (or sympathy crosstalk) there are more attributes to consider, including the scale, sustain, material, and timbre. We’ll post separate blogs on each aspect for better understanding. Till then stay tuned to our website for more blogs. In case you’re searching for a handpan for sale at a reasonable handpan drum price,handpan drum price, you can check out the handpans we host within our community.

Handpans are one of the most expensive musical instruments. So, once you invest in it, you would surely want to take care of the investment, right? Also, besides being a music devotee, it’s your foremost duty to protect instruments. And, speaking of handpans, these delicate instruments are prone to attracting rust and corrosion, thus they need extra care. To help you out, we are disclosing 6 exciting tips to maintain your Amara handpan at home. Let’s delve into it! 


6 Tips You Must Follow To Maintain Amara Handpan

Handpans are metal-based instruments. Different types of alloy are used to make them robust. But this certainly makes it vulnerable to rust. However, here are 6 tips that can help you to maintain the instrument.

  • Use handpan Cover


After buying a handpan, the most common mistake beginners commit is leaving the instrument open. This can lead to rust and other significant damages, including cracks. Instead, you must use the best quality handpan covers that protect the instruments from dirt and moisture. Ultimately, you can keep your handpan dirt-free, rust-free, scratch-free, and stains-free, making it more durable.

  • Wipe Down Frequent


Do you know the best trick to keep your Amara handpan clean and dirt-free? Wiping them almost every day after you are done playing! “Wiping the handpan” might sound very regular, but most people tend to overlook it. Remember, steels and steel-related alloys tend to catch dirt and debris on them. And regular wipe-down can certainly clear out sedimented dirt from your percussion instruments.

  • Keep Away Heat


Metals react differently when they come in contact with heat. After a specific limit of temperature increases, metals even change their form. Similarly, if your instrument is placed near heat almost daily, it will get damaged very soon. Since handpans are metallic musical instruments, and entirely handmade; you must keep them at an average temperature and away from direct sunlight and heat. 

  • Keep Handpan Dry And Clean


Another best way to maintain an Amara handpan is by keeping them dry and clean. Many musicians often complain about rust on their musical instruments. Usually, they like to blame handpan manufacturers, but the dispute lies in their handpan care routine. 


As we have already mentioned earlier in the blog, dirt and moisture are significant concerns for the health of the handpan. Metals oxidize with dirt particles and moisture, deteriorating the instrument’s shape. So always keep it dry and clean.

  • Use Alcohol


It doesn’t matter whether you play mystic or Amara handpan; you can keep it well-polished by rubbing alcohol on it. And by alcohol, we certainly mean isopropyl alcohol or rubbing Alcohol which is an ethanol-based chemical usually 50-75% thinned down with a diluent like water. you can instantly see the difference after applying drops of such chemicals to your musical instrument.

  • Use Handpan Oil


Our last and final tip is to use handpan oil on your handpan instrument. The best quality and toxin-free handpan oil remove dirt and stains on the instrument’s surface. Some handpan oils appear with a non-sticky formula, and choosing them is your best bet! Overall, you can keep your instrument lustrous and skin irritation-free using handpan oil.


Maintaining an Amara handpan is not easy as it seems. But still, you can make it comfortable by following these 6 easy tips. These practical tips won’t just help you to protect your handpan but also can make it new. Now visit our official website right now to handpan kaufen or handpan mieten. Also get handpan berarung and handpan spielen lernen from us.




How to clean a handpan?

To clean your handpan, firstly you need to put a generous splash of isopropyl/rubbing alcohol onto a soft cleaning cloth. And then, wipe up your handpan gently with it to make it sparkle again.


Why is it necessary to maintain a handpan?

Unless you maintain a handpan properly, it will get stains, rust, dirt, and corrosion, which can deteriorate its tonal quality. So, to keep your pricey instrument in its best condition, you should always take good care of it.  


Things to use to clean a handpan?

There are various things you can use to clean and maintain the handpan. You can use regular cleaning mits, metal cleaners, isopropyl/rubbing Alcohol, and handpan oil. For regular cleaning, mits and towels are enough but use handpan oil if it loses its luster.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without music. This particular amusement element became an integral part of society with time and use. From the day of its discovery, music even plays a vital role in our evolution. And the thing that took the piece to the next level in this era is the Handpan. An instrument that recreates the music and the magic of sound can take your soul to another dimension. Listening to Handpan playing would feel like the best thing ever to you. So want to know Why ember steel Handpan unique in the music world? Follow this blog!


What Is Ember Steel Handpan?

Handpan or
Ember Steel Handpan A Handpan is a kind of musical instrument with less history and more impact on our society. Even Handpans are some of the percussion instruments with the most precise total quality and resonance. 


Primarily Handpan was made and invented in Switzerland by two famous Swiss musicians and businessmen in 2000. The musicians Felix Rohinar and Sabina Scharer wanted to build a new type of musical instrument inspired by some traditional drums from Tobago And Trinidad and finally created a Handpan.


In looks, the ember steel Handpan is quite peculiar yet fascinating. It is convexed from both sides, which gives it a pretty attractive look. Or you can call it a UFO drum for its UFO-like shape. 


5 Reasons Why Ember Steel Handpan Is Special in Music World


  • Newest Instrument


Each musical instrument is particular since music itself is a divine matter. But if you compare, you can rank them according to their specialty. And what separates the Handpan from other musical instruments is it’s new in the market. While guitars, flutes, violins, pianos, etc., are centuries old, the invention of the Handpan barely passed 2 decades. It was just invented by the PanArt company at the beginning of the 21st century. 


  • Handpan Is Handmade


Handpan might be the very newest instrument. But what’s more surprising, Handpans are handcrafted instruments. When you cannot even sew a shirt without a machine, a brand new instrument is made with the hand of skilled Handpan manufacturers. With modified cutters, sharpers, and shiners, professionals shape these instruments. And experts believe that this feature of the Handpan makes this instrument a sensation in the music world.


  • Relief From Stress


Have you ever heard of sound healing? Well, suppose you don’t know what sound therapy healing is. In that case, it is a process used by professionals to bring mental and cognitive stability to people. And none other than the Handpan can help you in this matter. Eventually, this is another compelling reason why the Ember steel Handpan is exceptional in the music world. 


According to different studies held by professionals, Handpans can heal psychologically or mentally. It is also proven that the soothing sound it releases can help to re-tune your brain to cope with stress better by replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sound.


  • Boost In Confidence


No wonder confidence is key to better work and activity in people. And obviously, Handpans can boost confidence in you, healing you mentally. When you create new and positive patterns in your brain, sound therapy can boost your confidence. Later you can dedicate your focus, dedication, and concentration to your work, business, studies, and many more.


  • Frequency


Last and one of the main reasons why the Handpan is some of the unique instruments is because of its frequency. 


Handpans are robustly best in creating a resonance from their convex, round design. In this instrument, each musical note is tuned into 1:2:3 frequencies. This means whenever you will play Handpan, it will release three different frequencies per note. 


In detail, you would hear 3 unique vibrations each time you stroke it with your knuckle or fingers. And what’s more fascinating, all three frequencies are fundamental.

In present-day music, Handpan is a name of beauty that’s unexplainable. And this is what makes the ember steel handpan special in the music world. Now, if you are interested in buying the Best Handpan Drum like Amara handpan and handpan gebraucht kaufen, contact us through our official website. Also, read blogs on topics like handpan instrument, handpan for sale, Ayasa Handpan for sale, and Ayasa Handpan price, follow our blog section.

In the world of music, the name of ultimate truth is the handpan. Not only does it create the best resonance among others, but it also purifies the soul of listeners. With the magic of beautiful, ear-soothing sound, this UFO-shaped instrument is a treat for people suffering from mental stress. And these facts are things that probably attracted you to buy one. But in the sea of different manufacturers, you face issues selecting the best instrument for yourself. And that’s why we are discussing 7 considerations to follow in choosing the best handpan drum.


7 Main Considerations To Follow For Choosing The Best Handpan Drum

Choosing the best-quality handpan is difficult, especially when you are a beginner. And these 7 considerations for selecting the
best handpan drum for beginners can help you out.


  • Tuning Of The Instrument


Tune is a fundamental aspect of an instrument. Without a proper tune, a sound feels like a headache. So choosing a handpan according to its tonal quality is the first consideration you must focus on. 


Choosing a handpan according to its tune would primarily help you enjoy this mystical instrument’s essence. In this matter, you can take help from a manufacturer or any trusted instrument expert while choosing.


  • Sound Quality Of The Instrument


The tune might be fundamental but not as important as sound quality. And this is another trait that classifies the best handpan drum from others. This is where you need to use your ear, your scene, your heart, and your brain altogether to choose one for yourself. 


Overall, you just need to feel the warmth and tenderness of the music. If you find the sound of the instrument doesn’t hit you from inside, it’s not worth investing.


  • Handpan Sustain


Another primary consideration you must not miss out on while choosing an instrument for yourself is the sustain. But what is sustain? Well, this primarily defines the ability of the instrument to maintain the sound of a single note in one play. However, handpans are characterized by good and well-balanced sustain. But flaws in manufacturing can break sustain-balance. So always be aware of checking sustain.


  • Balanced Notes


Do you know the most crucial factor you must consider while choosing the best handpan drum? Balanced notes! Remember versatility of an instrument makes a musical instrument complete. Flat notes make an instrument versatile and compatible with all kinds of music. And technical mistakes are common while developing this instrument. So make sure you assess it by consulting with an expert.


  • Tone Consistency


Initially, handpan is known for its healing quality. With musical beauty, this instrument is learned to heal mental health, stress, anxiety, and many more. But do you know why? Well, because of its consistency in tones. So now, if you want to get a handpan for yourself, ensure it has better tone consistency. You can try playing the instrument on the spot to determine its tone performance. Or else take the help of a professional.


  • Rust Resistant


Do you know what feature should a good quality handpan instrument possess? Their rust-free nature. And this is another consideration you must consider while buying one for yourself. Before investing in these expensive handmade instruments, you must ensure they are rust-free and fine in quality.


  • The precision of the Harmonics


Lastly, you must follow the harmonics before buying the best handpan drum. Not to mention, handpans are excellent for creating a clay-like, more ceramic sound you can ever hear. And all thanks go to its 1:2:3 frequency ratio. 


Here are 7 primary considerations you need to follow to buy the best handpan drum. Now immediately visit our website to purchase handpan hang drum, handpan musical instrument, hang handpan, and cheap handpan drum. Also, follow up for blogs on topics like handpan portal, handpan for sale, hang drum price, and hang drum for sale near me.




How do you pick a good Handpan?

There are 3 fundamental facts you need to follow to pick up a good handpan. They are the number of notes, the scale of the instrument, and lastly, the physicality of the device.


How is a Handpan tuned?

A handpan consists of two sheets of steel, shaped into a dome where notes are hammered to make a musical scale. With a hammer, professional craftsmen tune each note. And it takes thousands of hammer strokes for the builder to fully adjust a handpan.