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Are you looking for a handpan learning course? Well, with the rising demand for handpan, there are countless courses available. And picking the authentic and reliable handpan course amid them to kick start your music career. And that’s why here we narrowed down a few steps that would help to authentic Handpan unterricht to start your beginning career. So read till the end to know all 6 steps. 


Six Steps For Finding Professional Handpan Unterricht


Finding professional and reliable handpan courses can be very difficult unless you follow 6 steps to find one. So follow the following to know all 6 steps in detail. 


  • Consider Your Skill Level


If you want to find yourself a professional Handpan unterricht consider assessing your skill level. And it is one of the effective ways to find professional teachers that would definitely pay off. 


Most importantly, it is the easiest way to start from where you finished your learning. And even better for beginners since you can get a teacher who individually focuses on your skills to grow your level. So always consider your skill level to learn handpan.


  • Choose A Lesson Approach


Practically, there are two types of learning approaches, online and offline. And they both have different pros and cons. Now it’s up to you on which learning approach you would go for to find the best lessons.


In this matter, you can differentiate both lesson approaches depending on their pros and cons. If you find yourself more comfortable with offline lessons than online lessons, you must go for it, and vice versa.


  • Try And Analyze


Generally, institutes that provide handpan lessons, especially online releases free trial sessions. This majorly helps them to advertise their teaching skills and also to make you comfortable in their teaching system. But you can try these free trials to determine the teaching ways and approaches they use in Handpan unterricht.


Accordingly, look for courses that provide 15 to 20 days of trial. This would help you to decide whether to invest in them or not. 


  • Specify The Age


It’s easier to find handpan courses when you specify your age. Most courses you find offline and online provide separate lessons for kids and adults. 


Since different age groups have different learning abilities, professionals prefer providing lessons to a particular age group at a time. As a result,  knowledge would flow at the same level towards each learner. So make sure to specify your age to get suitable handpan learning lessons for your beginning career.


  • Read Student Reviews


There isn’t anything as good as student reviews to find Handpan unterricht. Reviews or testimonials actually determine the experience of the institute. You can easily understand the quality of teachers, and their expertise, and conduct reading reviews. So make sure to read reviews before playing for handpan learning lessons. 


In this matter, you should take the help of your internet to find online reviews. You can also visit their official website to read testimonials if they have one.


  • Discuss With Handpan Community


Do you know what is the best thing to do while searching for perfect handpan learning courses? Talk with the Handpan community! This is a reliable option to find the best lesson since the Handpan community knows which ones are best. Besides, the handpan community is rich in resources, so there is a guarantee you would find a perfect lesson if you take help from them. 


Finding a reliable Handpan unterricht can be hard since very few institutes provide this course. However, if you follow these mentioned tips, getting a professional teacher would become easy for you. So follow our handpan workshops to know where to find handpan courses. Also, visit our website to buy Amara handpan, Handpan gebraucht kaufen, Celtic Handpan instrument, handpan for sale, and cheap handpan.




Is handpan hard to play?


It completely depends on the lessons and scales you choose. Otherwise, it’s fine to say Handpan is easy. Every Handpan is different in such that they come in different scales ranging from anywhere between 6 to 15 notes.


How many notes are on a handpan?


Generally, Handpans are designed to have 8 to 9 notes. However, many manufacturers remodified the initial design of the instrument to fit approx 6 to 15 notes in the same instrument. And this eventually made hardpans versatile.

Buying a handpan is a big investment, especially when you are just a beginner. And that’s why you must be very aware while buying one for yourself. Since there are a lot of unauthentic manufacturers in the market, considering some handpan buying tips can help you to dodge them and get the right instrument for yourself. So follow this write-up to know 7 things to keep in mind while buying a handpan drum for sale near me.


7 Consideration For Buying Handpan Drum For Sale


  • Ask For Instrument Video Before Purchasing


The thumb rule of buying a handpan is:‘no video, no purchase.’ That means if the manufacturer does not post a video reviewing a particular handpan, you should stay away from it! Remember, handpans are the rarest musical instrument, which are produced by very few manufacturers and sold in limited markets. So vivid images are not enough proof of having a fine-quality handpan drum. 


Accordingly, ask for handpan videos before purchasing online. If you lack expertise in identifying a handpan, make sure to show the video to any expert.


  • Speak With Manufacturer


No one can give a better review about a handpan than its creator. So consider speaking with manufacturers while buying handpan drum for sale near me. And this is definitely an effective tip if you are buying a handpan for the first time. Besides, manufacturers could also guide you to a handpan scale suitable for beginners. So never avoid speaking with manufacturers. 


  • Ask Handpan Community


The handpan community is basically a group of musicians who love the art of peace in the music of the handpan. And participating in this community to talk with experts can help you find the right instrument for you. 


Since community members are well-trained and have a lot of experience, taking their help would get you to choose the right instrument for yourself.


  • Check Public Reviews


Participating in the handpan community and conversing with experts might be an excellent idea, but on the other hand very gradual. This means it’s not easy for everyone to join a community and make friends and perform musical activities in a day. Rather we would recommend you study public reviews while buying handpan drums. 


While buying a handpan drum for sale near me assessing public reviews would give you a clear view of the instrument. Thus you can decide whether to buy or not.


  • Review Their Return Policy


Reviewing the return policy is something that you should follow regardless of how confident you are purchasing the instrument. Since handpans are made of hand you can’t expect every instrument to be a match made in heaven for you. 


So it would be better if you try to review their return policy before buying to return in case of flaws. Though most legitimate manufacturers take their instruments back still you must be very careful while buying.


  • Get Written And Online Quotes


This is probably the best way to buy a handpan, especially if you are buying online. If you are anyhow buying a handpan online make sure to study the written or encrypted quote they offer. Studying quotes help you to learn everything about the product, manufacturer, and retailer. Ultimately you can decide whether to buy a handpan or not.


Online quotes also mention offers, facilities, and discounts you can get buying a handpan. So if you are eager to buy a right handpan drum for sale near me at a cheap rate, review quotes.


  • It Sounds Too Good


This is an obvious thing you need to look into while choosing a handpan drum. A handpan is worthless unless it sounds good. And this issue can generally occur either due to flaws in manufacturing or buying from unprofessionals. 


So better be very cautious while buying a handpan. If you are buying online, you can follow the tips mentioned above to assure yourself a resonant handpan. And if you barely have knowledge of the sound of a handpan , show a video to an expert to get a reliable suggestion. 


So these 7 crucial things you need to follow while buying a handpan drum for sale near me. Following these suggestions would help you get the fine-quality instrument you seek to have. Or you can directly visit our online handpan store to buy fine-quality handpan instrument, handpan günstig, stahlzungentrommel handpan, and Opsilon handpan drum to feel the best handpan music.

If you want to make your career in the music industry, learning handpan can be a beneficial choice. Well, it’s not easy to acquire skills in playing such resonating instruments. There are several factors you need to keep in your mind before learning this instrument. This includes what instrument to choose, how to learn basics, where to find master courses and many more. So if you’re Handpan Spielen Lernen, here are 6 tips you must follow.


6 Tips To Follow If You Are Handpan Spielen Lernen

  • Choose The Right Instrument


You cannot learn to play a musical instrument until it’s well-tuned and designed for beginners. That’s why you must consider choosing the right handpan drum as the first tip.   


A qualified and well-tuned handpan with balanced notes can help you learn as quickly as possible. Besides, a well-tuned instrument plays a major role in enhancing the skills of a musician. So always choose the right instrument while  Handpan Spielen Lernen.

  • Learn Step By Step Process


You need to accept that learning something needs time. It doesn’t matter whether it is rocket science or music, you should believe in a gradual and step-by-step process to understand aspects. So make sure to follow this process while learning handpan. 


Find a professional handpan player who is ready to groom veterans. Or just go to the search engine and search for professional handpan courses around you. But remember to avoid courses provided for only a month.

  • Improve Your Skills


The condition you must primarily consider while Handpan Spielen Lernen is skill improvement. The more you acquire skills in this instrument the more you can develop yourself in your musical career. Besides, it would help you play any type of music effortlessly with any handpan scale. That’s why it is important to improve your skills while learning handpan. In this matter, you can also try instruments similar to the handpan like Tongue Drums, RAV pans and many more. 

  • Learn To Play the RAV Vast


Do you know what is the best way to learn handpan? Trying handpan-related music instruments like the Tongue Drums and most importantly RAV Vast pans. These percussion instruments are very similar to handpan, and are even very easy to learn. So if you are determined to learn to play the handpan, always start with a RAV vast pan or tongue drum.


Although, frequency levels differ a lot in RAV vast pans and handpan. While Tongue drums and RAV pans just possess a 1:2 frequency ratio, the handpan has a 1:2:3 frequency ratio. So prefer switching to a handpan as soon as possible. 

  • Practice And Remember


There is a famous saying, “practice makes a man perfect.’’ And it cannot be more agreeable since it is very true. Thus, practice hard if you are eager Handpan Spielen Lernen and build your career. 


Rolling fingers timely and precisely is a difficult aspect of learning handpan. But if you practice hard you can keep your fingers flexed to play according to the notes in time. 

  • Get Involved In The Handpan Community


The last and most important tip you need to follow if you want to learn handpan is to get involved in the handpan community. Handpan has the largest music instrument community in the world since it’s related to mental health. 


There are lots of activists who play handpan in different places, streets, and concerts to enhance the magic of this instrument in society. And communicating with the activists, along with participating in community programs can help you acquire the highest knowledge about the instrument.


If you are Handpan Spielen Lernen, you can face several issues that slow down your learning process. But following these above-mentioned tips can resolve such issues and help you to acquire skills on handpan. So if you are interested in learning Handpan or just want to handpans probespielen, visit our handpan store where you can buy ember steel handpan or any kind of cheap handpan.




Is the handpan a healing instrument?


Handpan is known for its synergy of rhythm and melody! And this makes Handpan music a powerful therapeutic aid in both traditional and alternative healing practices.


Do handpans need returning?


Handpan is one such instrument that gets detuned. So obviously you need to return your handpan sooner or later if it has been years since you bought it.

The musical bliss that heals tormented pain, stress, depression, and anxiety in listeners is handpan. This one-of-a-kind, UFO-shaped instrument became a revolution in modern music, which dominated millions of hearts. But the handpan Thomman is as sturdy as it is musically a masterpiece. With slight mishandling, you can degrade the shape of your instrument making it tuneless. So follow this blog to know 6 conditions where you need to protect these instruments. 


6 Conditions Where You Should Protect Handpan Thomann


  • Heat 


Heat is one of the main conditions where you need to be very precarious protecting your handpan. Since handpan Thomann are made with metals like steel, nitrided steel, and steel-related alloys, the instrument can react worst with temperature rise. So always prefer keeping your handpan near direct heat.


Remember, handpans are hollow steel drums! And if you give excess heat to the instrument, it can increase the air pressure inside affecting the tune of the instrument.


  • UV Rays


Similar to heat, UV rays are another natural condition where you need to cover your instrument to keep it protected. Though UV rays also heat up a handpan drum, it mainly affects the handpan metal. 


Handpans are mostly crafted with raw quality steel. If some manufacturers use alloy, they prefer keeping a percentage of steel more than other metals. And UV rays tenderize the steel surface making it easy to catch corrosion.


  • Moisture


When you are dealing with metal, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in your mind is to keep it dry and completely moisture-free. In humid environments, metal corrodes significantly and more quickly. And this mainly occurs due to the reaction between oxygen and electrons on the metal’s surface and the moisture-saturated air. 


Factually, metal components corrode more quickly the longer they are exposed to humid air. So make sure to protect your handpan Thomann in weather conditions with high moisture. 


  • Cold


Low temperature is also another harmful climatic factor like high temperature for handpans. You need to be very cautious about handpan visiting any cold climatic condition. As it’s mentioned earlier, metals absorb heat easily and can convey this to the whole surface. 


Despite not having as strong of an adverse effect as heat it still can affect the quality of tones created by handpan. Ultimately, your instrument would make abnormal sounds during playing. 


  • Humidity


Have you ever wondered why car paints mostly oxidize in humid weather? Well, the answer is metals aren’t appropriate for exceedingly humid weather. And this clears who excess humidity is a threatening factor to the health of your Handpan. 


Since a handpan Thomann is made of pure quality steel, humidity can accelerate the rusting of steel, making it useless. So make sure to protect your valuable instrument from humid weather by using handpan covers or thermal covers excellent to keep handpan instruments safe.


  • Dusty Condition


Many musicians and handpan players have been complaining about shell rust for the past few years. And in most cases, it has been found that poor maintenance and cleaning caused rust. 

When dust and grime sediment down on the surface of the steel, they naturally react causing rust. So if you want to protect your handpan, always prefer keeping it out of dusty condition. 


Handpan Thomann is some of the costliest instruments of recent times. And it’s your foremost duty to protect it from these denoted 6 conditions. So what are you waiting for? Buy harmony handpan, handpan 432 hz, mystical handpan, and handpan Celtic Minor along with their covers through our official website. Also, now hang instrument price in our shop section.




Are handpans loud?

Yes, handpans are loud and can be played much louder than any other percussion instrument and for many have a magical sound that captivates them. All thanks to its precise design that makes better resonance. 


How long does a handpan last?

The most important quality feature of a handpan is that it can be sorted for years in the condition of better care. If you handle the instrument properly, the handpan will not become out of tune for at least 2-3 years.


Do handpans go out of tune?

Yes, handpans can go out of tune if you play too hard. While you are playing a handpan you are hitting it as hard as a hammer, but over time, playing too hard with your fingers can still change the tuning of your handpan.

We all know that the handpan is one of the best musical instruments of the modern era. With its enormous sound spectrum, it brought a revolution in the world of music. Apart from the warmth of amusement, this instrument is known for treating the mental health of a human being. But do you know what makes it so potent among other instruments? The frequency! So if you have time in your hand do go through this and write up to know everything about Handpan 432 Hz.


What Is Handpan 432 HZ?


Handpan 432 Hz is basically a type of handpan instrument tuned with 432 Hz frequency to give the instrument precise vibration and resonance. You might be asking why the frequency of an instrument is so important. Before that let’s know what frequency is. 


In the universe, every matter vibrates on a subatomic level. And the rate per second of vibration is creating a wave called frequency which we measure with a Hertz (Hz) unit. Interestingly, human ears can only perceive between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz of frequency, and 432 HZ is the most resonating.


What does a 432 Hz Handpan Sound Like?


Handpan 432 Hz instruments are primarily known for their precise vibration and timely resonance. And when an instrument possesses better resonance it features well-balanced sustain. Ultimately you get deep soothing and peaceful sounds rather than cheerful sounds. However, sound can feel different depending on the atmosphere. The closer the space you play deeper the sound would appear.


6 Benefits Of Playing 432 Hz Handpan 


Though there are many benefits of playing and listening to handpan we would primarily focus on 6 benefits. So follow the following: 

  • Stress And Tension Relief


Stress and tension are common health issues people face in today’s world. And the best way to relieve that level of stress is listening to 432 Hz Handpan. The frequency of the soft sounds emitted by the handpan sends signals to our brain that it is safe to relax and let go of stress and tension. 

  • Negative Energy Is Released


According to a study, the majority of working-class people suffer from Negative energy. Not to mention, negative energy is basically a side effect of stress, frustration, and anxiety. In this case, you face hormonal imbalance causing dysfunction of the heart and digestive system. Fortunately, with Handpan 432 Hz, you can decrease the level of stress while maintaining hormone secretion in your body. 

  • Aids Restful And Restorative Sleep


Sleep is no wonder the priority of every human being. But irregular lifestyles and habits slowly kill sleep in people causing disorders like insomnia. And the only better way to cure such disorder is a low pitch soothing sound, for example, handpan. Since the frequency ratio of the handpan is already as simplified as possible, it has a very harmonizing and calming effect on our brains.

  • Enhance Your Spirit


Spirit is the first and foremost thing you need in your daily life. With a positive spirit not only you can be more confident but prompt in your work and activities. According to the beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism, pure and blissful music can heal and energize the Chakras, the centers of Prana, the vital energy in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, helping to achieve spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

  • Improve Your Mindfulness


Lack of concentration is the main issue of modern kids! But do you know what can resolve this issue in youth? Yes, soothing music from handpan! Handpan’s frequency at 432 Hz has an immediate relaxing impact during Mindfulness sessions and personal Meditation. And this certainly can help you to reach an enhanced state of consciousness and boost focus and emotional balance.

  • Healing Ability

The last and most important benefit of this instrument is its sound-healing ability. The energy of rhythm makes Handpan music a powerful therapeutic aid in both traditional and alternative healing practices. By listening to handpan not only you can develop your cognitive growth but overall chemical balance in your brain and body.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, Handpan 432 HZ would be the best choice for you. And that sums up everything you need to know about this instrument. So visit our online store right now to buy handpan Celtic Minor, Black magic for the best handpan music, handpan for beginners, and handpan günstig. Also, know where you can handpan spielen lernen on our official website. 

Like other types of musical instruments, the handpan is also divided by scales. And the name of the most enormous and rich scale is known as Celtic Minor. Handpan Celtic Minor or Amara scale is basically adopted for the hexatonic Dorian/minor scale, which means you can get both soft and deep resonance from the instrument. But the question is, is this scale better worth investing in? Let’s know that in this write-up. 


What Is a Handpan Celtic Minor?


Before diving into the traits of Handpan Celtic Minor, let’s evaluate this term in detail. Handpan Amara or Celtic Minor is a type of sound scale handpan, specifically adopted from the Irish or Scottish hexatonic Dorian/minor scale. Such double mode is created when the sixth degree of the Aeolian or natural minor scale is omitted from the hexatonic Dorian.


Similar to the Integral scale, Celtic Minor is very versatile and very vibrant in creating soothing sounds. What’s more interesting, the Celtic Minor also creates a suspended mood, oriented towards minor 7th chords and sounds, which avoids the tension created by diminished chords. 


5 Traits Of Handpan Amara Or Celtic Minor


  • Sophisticated Tonal Balance


One of the most important traits of Celtic Minor is tonal balance. Many beginners might ask – “what is the tonal balance?” Well, it is basically an ability of an instrument to distribute the power of sound throughout the frequency spectrum. In detail, it is the correct distribution of the loudness in each composition, which is important to create a soothing sound. And the scale Celtic Minor can give such tonal balance to an instrument, taking music to the next level.


  • Well-Balanced Sustain  


Handpan Celtic Minor or Amara scale is also responsible for well balanced sustain in an instrument. If you don’t know, sustain is basically the ability of an instrument to maintain sound in a single note. This means the ability of the handpan to create undistracted sound waves. And the precise flow of Celtic Minor gives this instrument a well-balanced sustain to create a beautiful sound. Ultimately you can enjoy the essence of the beautiful sound spectrum.


  • Made Of Nitrided and Stainless Steel


Handpans that are scaled Celtic Minor are mostly processed with steel that is either stainless or gas nitrided. A handpan needs to possess better tonal balance to create a soft and soothing sound. And do you know what can assure a handpan grate tonal balance? Metal that creates smooth resonance. And both nitrided and stainless steel can create the smooth resonance you seek. So you would also get a more durable and corrosion-resistant instrument as an added benefit.


  • Celtic Minor Is Versatile


Do you know what is another important trait that makes Handpan Celtic Minor worth investing in? Versatility! Compared to other types of scales Celtic minor or Amara scale is the most versatile scale you can have in a handpan. Since it’s very similar to an integral scale, which is known to create different tonal fields, it can be said that Celtic Minor or Amara scale is very versatile in nature. 


  • Best for Both Beginners And Pros


The last and most essential trait that makes Celtic Minor or Amara the best scale is it is best for both beginners and advanced players. But what makes it best for both beginners and professionals? Well, tonal balance, sustainability, metal quality used for this scale, and versatility. 


When an instrument is characterized by good tonal balance and well-balanced sustain, they create a soft yet deep sound. And this sound effect helps beginners to learn about notes fast. Besides, the versatility of the instrument makes it perfect for professionals since they perform different songs. 


So these are the 5 main traits that determine why Handpan Celtic Minor is worth investing in. Now if you want to buy a Celtic Minor handpan along with a handpan steel drum, Opsilon handpan drum, a Yishama handpan drum, stahlzungentrommel handpan, and the best hang drum visit our online store now. Also, know where to learn the best handpan music chatting with us.




Is the handpan a healing instrument?

Yes, the handpan is known as a healing instrument since it can mentally heal a person. Unlike any other instrument, Handpan is known to produce 432 Hz frequency, which is believed to heal and energize you mentally. 


What is the best key for a handpan?

Generally, there are a total of 3 types of scales in handpan, they are Kurd, Amara or Celtic Minor, and Mystic. And If you mainly want to blend in any music composition Celtic D minor is recommended.

No wonder handpan is now the heartthrob of the music industry. With its enormous sound, it took music to the next level. What’s more, the handpan is a solo percussion instrument that produces three different primary frequencies at the same time. But do you know how one instrument produces 3 different octave frequencies at each stroke? Well, the answer is its unique design! But do you know how professional handpan steel drum manufacturers bring this shape? You can follow this blog to know 7 instruments professionals use to make handpan.


Instruments Of Developing Handpan Steel Drum


  • Tuning rings


The first and most essential tool professionals use to make a handpan is tuning rings. Tuning rings are basically strong, even, and a perfect pair of steel rings that we use to tune handpans. These things are used when a metal sheet is pressured to create a bulge. Using these rings professionals measure the thickness to avoid de-tuning while compressing the shell for tuning, and preventing unwanted resonances. 



  • Pneumatic hammer and Hammer Heads


Ever wondered how a handpan steel drum gets a perfect convex look? Well, you must thank pneumatic hammers and hammerheads, which are other important tools professionals use.  These pneumatic hammers are modified to be used with the 8 nylon and 8 steel hammerheads. The peening action is essential to harden the steel and give compression to the notes. As the job is very precise, a good and professional rammer can work with low air pressure.


  • Regular Hammer and Hammer Heads


Other than pneumatic hammers, professionals also use regular hammers and hammerheads, to give handpans a particular shape. Though these hammers are exactly like pneumatic hammers, manual use separates them from others. These regular hammers are also provided with 8 nylon and 8 steel hammer heads. Professionals use these to retune handpan and give them perfect resonance to sound good. And professionals use these hammerheads on different tuning occasions. 


  • Note Molds


Note Molds are another crucial instrument professionals use in order to give handpan steel drum different notes. Generally, there are a total of 18 note moulds that can use to press notes from a C3 up to an F5. Besides, they can use to shape the note and the dimple by hand-hammering. Although in the case of hand-hammered dimples, it is better to use dimple moulds, since they are more useful.


  • Magnetic note stencils


The 5 astonishing instrument professionals use to give handpans notes are the magnetic note stencils. These tools are used for drawing the dimples on the shells. With a total of 18 stencils paired, manufacturers use them to bring tonal elegance to a handpan. Many of you might not know that magnetic stencils determine the plan of handpan production. Easy stencils have different ratios, and manufacturers use 8 to 12 notes in one instrument. 


  • Dimple Moulds


Another essential tool professional manufacturers use to develop a handpan steel drum is dimple moulds. So what are the dimple moulds? Well, these are basically round metal rings used for designing dimples on the handpan. These are total 37 dimple moulds professionals use to give handpans note field-dimple ratio. Not only are these used to hand-make but also to press draw the dimples on the instrument. What’s important is finding the preferred dimple and making them as even as possible, to allow for the optimal tuning of harmonic partials.


  • Wood and Nylon hammers


The last and one of the common instruments professionals use to give handpan a final touch up is the word and nylon hammers. These are the hammers that comprehensively prepare a handpan shell. Though these can play an important role in tuning handpan. 


Most manufacturers avoid keeping it optional since metallic hammers can be very efficient. Even many people use white rubber hammers to bring fine shape. However, on each hand, each hammering style is different, and you’ll have to find your hammers, the ones that best suit your intention.


So these are the 7 essential tools professionals use to give handpan steel drum their natural shape. Now if you are willing to buy the best hang drum, handpan günstig, beginner handpan or Handpan beginner, and handpan drum price effective, visit our online store right now!

What is the first thing you would do to know about a fact or a subject or any object? Definitely search it online on the search engines. Right? After all, it is a reliable option to know everything you seek. And probably the best way to grow your knowledge. Handpan portal is such a platform through which you get detailed insight about handpans. It is a place through which you can purchase the instrument, take lessons on it, and grow your musical career. So if you want to know the importance of handpan drum portals along with their help and benefits follow this write-up till the end. 


Importance Of Handpan Portal


To understand the importance of a handpan website, let’s know why handpans as a musical instrument are important. If you love soothing and relaxing music that heals you from the inside, then it’s definitely important.


Since you need to be mentally stable to fight challenges in your life you need music that mentally relaxes you. A Handpan portal being a medium helps you to listen to the handpan, gives you all kinds of details, and helps you accept the instrument in your daily life. 


Apart from a mode of entertainment and infotainment, handpan websites play a major role in dealing with handpans. A handpan drum portal from a well-known handpan organization also sells different types of handpan of different scales. Even lease them to part-time musicians and help them to grow their musical ability. 


Helpful of handpan portal


There are many ways a portal can help you out. These are mentioned in the following:


  • It helps you to know about handpan


  • It helps you to hear handpan sounds 


  • It can help you understand the genre of handpan


  • It can help you to get one


  • A handpan Portal can help you to learn and practice them, sitting in your home.  



4 Significant Benefits Of Buying Handpan Through Handpan Portal

  • Gives You Elaborated Knowledge


Suppose you are new to the music industry and have barely any knowledge about handpan. A website can give you detailed information about the instrument you need to know. Since you want to grow your career with the musical instrument you need to know about its past. And the portal will inform you how the instrument was discovered, who it could be used when it could be used, and the different scales.

  • Steps To Buy


Being crazy about music and different musical instruments you would definitely love to add a handpan to your new collection. And do you know what can help you get one right at your home? A handpan portal! Since handpan is not available in every part of the world, considering a website is a much better idea. Besides, there are hundreds of mature handpan makers. Buying online would help you to avoid them. 

  • Updates You About This Instrument


Another major benefit you get from the handpan portal is updated about the instrument. Along with fundamental knowledge on the instrument and ways to buy it, the portal also updates you about the instrument which helps you to know the latest trends and fashion.

  • Guide in Scale


Like other different types of musical instruments, this UFO-shaped percussion instrument also has different scales and tonal fields. And you need proper guidance to get used to different scales in different kinds of music. However, a handpan website can help you in this matter and help you to grow your skills.


When you need to learn about handpan or buy them to take advanced lessons, the handpan portal is the only reliable choice you can consider. Now if you want to know more about handpans and buy one for yourself, visit our online handpan store to get Opsilon handpan drum, yishama handpan drum, the best hang drum, and beginner handpan




How long does it take to make a handpan?

Handpan is manufactured with hands and hammers. So according to the estimation each instrument takes about three to four weeks to make it well-polished, tuned, and perfect. 


Do handpans go out of tune?

Yes! Handpan does go out of tune, especially when they are many years old. Even can go out of tune if you play too hard. But you can return it by recruiting professional manufacturers. 

Are you enthusiastic about handpan? Well, who is not? After all, it is the best thing the music world has ever had in the last two decades. But do you know how these amazing instruments built? Unlike any other musical instruments, handpans handcrafted. And that’s why they go through several processes of making. And if you want to learn all the important processes to build a handpan Dojo, follow this blog till the end.


Consecutive Steps of Making Handpan Dojo


  • First Step


In the first step of making a handpan, manufacturers gather the materials needed to build this instrument. And this includes a thin sheet of metal and necessary tools like a hammer, pneumatic hammers, tuning rings, and many more. There are three different types of metals used to make handpan. For instance, nitrided steel, stainless steel, and ember steel, and according to their availability manufacturers choose one.


  • Second Step


Handpan is mainly admired for its unique aesthetics. The attractive and radiant look it gives actually comes from its biconvex shape. And the second step is the step where the handpan gets its dome shape. There are a couple of different methods that manufacturers use to bring a sheet to this shape. The most basic method is hammering by hand. And another common method is “rolling the shell”, where a machine rolls around the metal sheet, forming it into a dome shape.

  • Third Step

In the third step of making a handpan Dojo, the metal is gas-nitrided giving it a robust nature. If you are unaware, gas nitride is a process of heat treatment to add nitrogen to the metal. This is one of the most important processes to make steel stronger and prevent it from rusting. Stainless steel instruments do not need to be nitrided.


  • Fourth Step


The fourth step of building a handpan is all about deciding the note of the handpan. Like other different types of percussion instruments, handpans are also classified into notes. And professional manufacturers determine those notes in the fourth consecutive of building a handpan. Many manufacturers use various size moulds to mark the oval area of the “tone field” on the inside of the handpan shell or dome. 


  • Fifth Step


Shelling is one of the important parts of handpan building. The shell of the handpan determines its precise look along with its sound. To prepare the shell for tuning makers pre-stressing the tone fields to compress the metal around the notes and heat the instrument to stabilize its newly shaped architecture.


  • Sixth Step


We all know how handpan creates great ear-soothing music. But do you know what makes them so potent in this matter? Tunes! And in the fifth step of handpan Dojo making the instrument get its all tune. The main idea of tuning is to hammer the tone field into a specific shape. Professional manufacturers also use tuning rings to balance the tunes. 


  • Seventh Step


After shaping, designing, scaling, and tuning, professional manufacturers glue the top shell to the bottom shell in this step. The bottom shell made in 4 main steps. This includes step one, step two, step three, then makers create a hole in the middle, stretching the metal to make a port. The port on other hand is essential to crafting properly since the correct size enables better airflow important for quality resonance.


  • Eighth Step


After fixing the handpan it’s very important to check whether it’s working or not. And that’s why manufacturers consider step eight where they assess everything is right about the instrument. Otherwise, they re-tune and fine-tune the handpan Dojo multiple times to make it correct. 


  • Ninth Step


In the last and ninth step after checking its quality professional manufacturers clean and polish the handpan. This step is not necessarily required, but the handpan is handpan when it’s fully ready. And a non-polished handpan is not at all a complete handpan in measure of quality. Professionals use handpan cleaners, oils, and microfiber towels to clean the handpan and present them to you.


Handpan Dojo is no wonder some of the special instruments and the thing that makes it more special is its making process. Now if you want to buy a cheap handpan or handpan instrument or handpan gebraucht kaufen like the Amara handpan visit our official website now. Also, read more blogs on topics like handpan for sale, follow our blog section. 

When it comes to better health, nothing can beat the importance of mental well-being. The calmer you mentally get the better you gain health. But do you know what can blend peace into your lifestyle? Hang Instrument or handpan! Handpan is the only natural way to engage yourself with mental relaxation. Its music is like the bliss of peace in your ear. And that thriving joy of music is known to heal naturally. So if you want to know how sound therapy works in handpan, follow this write-up till the end.


What is Hang Instrument


Before getting into the hang drum and its sound healing ability, let’s know what a hang instrument is. Well, it is a type of musical instrument of percussion category, which is growing its roots all over the globe. 


While most musical instruments are centuries old, the handpan was invented in the 21st century by two Swiss musicians in 2000, named Felix Rohinar and Sabina Scharer in Switzerland. 


Felix and Sabina primarily handcrafted this drum in their instrument manufacturing company called PanArt and named it handpan. Later, when this instrument was introduced in Germany it gained popularity and was widely called “Hang”.


What is Music Therapy

Like other renowned methods of medication, music is another progressive way of healing people. Though music cannot heal wounds, it is known to create mental relaxation that makes your body function properly, which can intensify the healing process. 


Music therapy is basically a process by which you can improve your mental health and well-being. Since studies proved that emotions vibrate on different levels of frequency, you can be more stress-free and creative and polish your problem-solving skills at the same time.

Healing Power Of Hang Instrument

Handpans are irreplaceable musical instruments when it comes to sound healing. Handpan is some of the most resonant instruments of recent times. Apart from that, there is no other instrument that can create three different fundamental frequencies. 


In detail, handpans have a 1:2:3 frequency ratio, where three different frequencies emerge at the same time, each time it’s stroked. Moreover, these three frequencies travel parallelly in every direction without changing their form. And this feature makes the music hang instrument ear soothing. 


4 Healing Benefits You Can Get From Handpan

  • Relief From Stress


The fundamental benefit you would feel from handpan sound therapy is stress relief. The soothing sounds help to re-tune your brain to cope with stress better by replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sound.

  • Boost In Confidence


Secondly, creating new, positive patterns in your brain with sound therapy can also give you a great confidence boost. You will be able to take charge of new challenges and have the confidence to make necessary changes in your life. 

  • More Energy


Much of the way you feel is connected to signals that your brain sends throughout the body. A body under stress feels tired, hopeless, and pressurised. Sound therapy feeds your brain with stimulating sounds that motivate it to release latent energy.

  • Think More Clearly


By using specific frequencies to help rebalance brain function, sound therapy can help you think clearer and avoid the addiction to self-destructive habits. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body and you can break the cycle of negative thinking and habits to enjoy a much calmer and more focused life.


 A Hang instrument helps to cope up with stress, depression, and anxiety with sound healing therapy. If you too want to give it a try, get the instrument from our hang instrument for sale, or the best handpan instrument price, Ayasa handpan, or want to get a handpan Unterricht, or online lesions handpan online and handpan workshops visit our official website now.




What culture does handpan come from?

The handpan might appear centuries old, but it is actually very new. It was made by two Swiss artists Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer who christened the “Hang” meaning “hand” in Bernese German.


Is handpan Costly?

Handpan is some of the costliest musical instruments of recent times. However, it may seem high cost comes from its unique looks but actually because it’s handmade and needs days and months to design.