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Consulting & auditions with our local representatives

HINWEIS: Wegen den aktuellen Kontakt-Einschränkungen sind Probespieltermine nur mit max. zwei Besuchern aus dem selben Haushalt möglich – bitte vereinbare einen Termin.

Alternativ bieten wir auch kontaktfreie Beratung und Vorspielen per Video-Konferenz an. Für eine Terminvereinbarung schreibe uns gerne eine Anfrage über das Kontaktformular oder rufe uns an: +49 15121751534

You would like to buy a handpan, but you are not sure which instrument suits you best? We offer you the opportunity to try out a wide range of handpans at one of our representatives throughout Germany. They will advise you with their experience and knowledge about handpans.
Please let us know in advance which models from our range will appeal to you most, so that we can guarantee that they will be on site for a trial date.

Most representatives also offer beginners' courses, individual lessons and workshops. Find the nearest representative on the map and contact them. There is not one in your area yet? No problem, we will be happy to advise you by phone: +49 15121751534

Do you have many years of experience yourself and know a lot about handpans? We are always looking for further partners who would like to represent our instruments in their region.

Our local representatives

Would you also like to represent our handpans in your region?

We are always looking for new partners in different cities throughout Europe. You are able to connect with our vision and already have a lot of experience and background knowledge about handpans and want to use these skills to support others in their search for a suitable instrument? Then we would like to work with you and include you in our network.
We will provide you with a selection of instruments which can be played by interested people in your area. We will provide you with knowledge, materials and further training on all aspects of handpan and advising interested parties.
You're interested? Then please contact us. We will be pleased.

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