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Tryouts & Purchase advice

Du möchtest eine Handpan mieten?

Du bist Dir noch nicht sicher, welcher Klang zu Dir passt und bist mit all den vielen Unterschieden von Skalen, Frequenz, Sustain und Timbre überfordert? Du möchtest Dir eine Handpan leihen?

Dann können wir Dir nur empfehlen, einen unserer lokalen Vertreter zu besuchen. Dort hast Du die Möglichkeit, eine breite Auswahl an Handpans auszuprobieren und wirst fachlich beraten und unterstützt.

Part payment

It is our concern to enable every handpan enthusiast to purchase an instrument. We are aware that it is not possible for everyone to buy the whole amount at once. Therefore we offer you the repayment in instalments. You want to use this possibility? Simply select the payment option "payment by instalments" during the purchase process

Handpans mieten / Handpans leihen

Private usage

You want to try out the hand pan before you decide to buy? With us you can rent an instrument of your choice for a fee of 8€ a day. Minimum rental period is 7 days. If you decide to buy the instrument after the rental period, the rental fee is waived.
You will find all detailed information in the rental contract, which you can send to us filled out and signed.


Workshops & Events

You need instruments for a larger workshop or event? We are happy to support you with our available instruments. Please send us an inquiry with detailed information about your project: Description, period, number of instruments needed, etc.


A handpan can get out of tune over time, through intensive playing, strong temperature differences but of course also suddenly through a fall or hit by a hard object. With careful and careful use, however, the tuning of a high-quality instrument should remain stable for at least two years.

If your instrument is out of tune, you can make use of our tuning service. The costs vary depending on the instrument and degree of detuning. We also take over the retuning of instruments from other suppliers.

When you send us your request, please include a video recording in which you play each sound field separately and then simply improvise a little. This will give us an impression and help us to better judge the effort of retuning.

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