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Our promise

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Extensive service

You want to audition or rent/buy a handpan at a reasonable price?

We want to make your handpan purchase as pleasant as possible and offer many additional services that make it easier for you to get to know the handpan and find a suitable instrument for your purchase.

We are happy to assist you at any time by phone or in writing with advice on the purchase of your handpan. At our numerous local representatives you can try out a wide range of high quality Handpan instruments, get extensive advice or take lessons.

We also offer handpans for rent, if you want to get a feeling for it. In order not to have to pay the high purchase costs all at once, we offer you the possibility of payment by instalments. You can easily and comfortably choose the installment payment, which enables you to buy your handpan in the best way.

Even after your purchase, we are happy to be your first point of contact for learning the handpan and for any questions that may arise. If your handpan gets out of tune, you can fall back on our tuningservice.

Economic pricing

Buying a handpan can be expensive. Big brands operate a very expensive infrastructure and use the high demand to offer their handpan instruments at exorbitant prices. On top of that there are import costs for instruments from Asia. Our network includes smaller manufacturers from the European trading area, who have much lower production costs. We are in constant correspondence with our handpan manufacturers and are constantly optimizing our processes in order to provide you with the best and most favorable offers for your handpan purchase. Furthermore we are content with smaller margins than is usual in the trade for a handpan. For all those who find the direct purchase of a handpan too expensive, we would like to point out the possibility of paying in installments.

Secure and fair

On the internet you can find many misleading and fraudulent offers related to the purchase of a handpan! Being able to buy a cheap handpan that promises a good sound for example. But what you usually get is either untuned handpan instruments or a bad sound quality. Often the delivery of the handpan is completely missing. Our tip: Never buy a Handpan without the GUARANTEED possibility of return. In our terms and conditions, which are legally binding for us, all details of exchange and return are regulated. 

Exchange and money-back guarantee

Our customers have the possibility to convince themselves of the sound quality of their handpan after receiving it. If you are not satisfied with the handpan, no problem. With us you can not only buy your handpan at a low price, but also exchange it within 30 days. We adhere to the European right of withdrawal and return for online purchases. Every online retailer is legally bound to it and is obliged to grant his customers a fortnightly return against repayment of the purchase price.

Free and insured shipping

Our global shipping partner brings your Handpan to your home in the most direct way, fast and safe - no matter where you live. The shipping is fully insured. You can simply buy your Handpan at a low price and if it is damaged on the way, just send it back to us and you will receive a new instrument. Within Europe the shipping is free of charge. In the rest of the world there are additional shipping costs up to 80 €.

Each Handpan is unique

Each of our Handpan is lovingly handmade for you by over fifteen sound sculptors from all over Europe. Each manufacturer has developed his own techniques and approaches to bring his love for singing steel into the handpan. This is what makes every instrument so unique. You won't find any large suppliers who have standardized their production processes to mass production. Dive into the "World of Handpans" and discover the variety of sounds of our rich handpan selection. We have aroused your interest? Visit us at one of our local Handpan representatives and try out a large selection of different and unique sounding Handpan instruments.

Large & versatile range

Find your ideal handpan from over a 100 different instruments in our shop. We have a wide range of instruments available in different scales, timbres and price categories. New unique pieces are constantly being created, making a regular visit to World of Handpans worthwhile. There is always something new to discover! Subscribe to our newsletter now and get the latest information about your Handpan and benefit from our exclusive offers!

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