Suppose you discover handpan on social media, listen to it on youtube and other music platforms, and then search it on search engines. Do you know what your first question would be? It probably would be “why handpans are expensive?”. Well, to explain that we have 7 points why there is no Handpan günstig available in the handpan market. Want to know all the reasons? Dive into this blog now! 


7 Reasons Why There Is no Handpan Günstig Available


  • They are Made of Extremely Expensive Raw Materials


One of the main reasons why the handpan price is high is the expensive materials used to build it. Unlike many other musical instruments, handpan made with the best quality metals which are not easily available on markets.


Big and renowned manufacturers mostly use amber steel and nitrided steel to produce handpans. Interestingly, both types are very expensive and known for their robust nature. 


  • The Process Of Making Is Difficult


Handpan aesthetically seems very normal, but it is the only type of instrument made following a lengthy and difficult procedure. And that is the second reason why there is no Handpan günstig available in the market. Handpans known for their precise resonance, which comes from their unique design and space. And different types of handcrafting processes bring that shape, investing huge time methods.


  • They are in High Demand


According to economics, when a commodity has high demand, it gets a raise in its price. And this clears why handpan is not available at a low rate in different markets. Since handpan made in a slow process, the market faces slow delivery which increases its demand, therefore its price. Moreover, handpan possesses lands and seas to reach a market, and this is also a  reason why the price is high. 


  • They are Custom Made


Though in space and aesthetics handpans are kept identical, manufacturers give them different designs to attract more buyers and that’s another reason why you don’t find any Handpan günstig in the market. Manufacturers use different tools and gadgets to give them boutique texture looks. Even many manufacturers don’t hesitate to experiment with variations in color, size, and number of tubes used in the instrument.


  • They are Sold in a Limited Market


Handpans are no wonder the heartthrob of the recent music generation. But still, most manufacturers prefer selling them to the top and limited markets of the world. And This limits the number of people who have access to these products and makes them even more expensive. If you’re looking for a hang drum, your best bet is to search online because that’s where you’ll find the widest variety.


  • They are Handcrafted


One of the most important factors that define everything about the handpan along with its prices. As mentioned, handpans manufactured with conventional and difficult procedures, which include handcrafting. Skilled and experienced craftsmen use their hands along with a pair of hammers to give their fascinating shape. And that’s why there is no availability of Handpan günstig in the instrument market.


  • Transportation And Insurance Costs


Handpans are no wonder some of the high-end products. And that’s why the transportation and insurance costs for these instruments are also high. When purchasing a hang drum, you’ll have to pay for importing it to your home.


This is especially true if you’re ordering one from another country. In addition, most insurance companies will not cover the cost of damages or loss for a high-end instrument like a hang drum.


These are the 7 main reasons why you don’t find a Handpan günstig in the musical instrument market. Now if you want to buy an Amara handpan, a Yishama handpan drum, an Opsilon handpan drum, a Stahlzungentrommel handpan, and the best hang drum, visit our official website now. 





How long do handpans last?

Though the durability of a handpan depends on its metal quality, we believe on average it lasts over 3 years. But It can endure more than 5 years if properly maintained, cleaned and kept in care and support. 


Can the handpan tune?

You may not think that you’re hitting your handpan as hard as a hammer, but over time, playing too hard with your fingers can still change the tuning of your handpan. Now the answer is yes, they can tune, only by professionals.