As promised in the previous blog, today we will be discussing what scale in Musical instrument hang will be the right purchase for you. The right scale allows you to devote yourself to the kinetics, emotion, and spirituality of the musical instrument. It is not necessary that the scale that suits a person will suit you. Thus to help you choose your compatible scale, here we will mention the top-notch handpan scales and the sentiments they bring with them.

Different types of Musical instrument hang scales 

We host a wide range of handpan scales in our handpan store, and each bears its own uniqueness and mood. Take a look at the following scales before investing your hard-earned money in the pricey musical instrument.

The minor scale

If you are a new learner, and want to dive into the mystery of the instrument, minor scale will be your best bet. Relying on the playing style, the minor scale can feel somewhat intense and often suspenseful. Speaking of minor scales, the celtic minor is the most popular one. Due to the exclusion of 6th scale degree, beginners find it easy to play and are hugely fond of it.

You can also consider choosing the integral minor scale that places its 5th note next to the minor 6th, omitting the fourth scale degree. With this scale, you can primarily focus on the tension between the 5th and 6th scale, generating an enchanting sound wave.

Harmonic Phrygian and minor 

Mostly known as Hijaz, the next on-demand scale is harmonic phrygian and minor. If you find pleasure involving in classical music, no other scale will be as compatible as this. It is because, Hijaz builds an intensity and anticipation before the music composition is resolved.

In simple words, this particular scale in of Musical instrument hang creates an intensity in the climax, winning hearts across the world. And if you are interested in exploring the exotic flavors of Middle Eastern Music, Hijaz is your perfect scale.

Major and Mixolydian 

Owing to the happy, peaceful and joyful musical moods, experts generally choose major and mixolydian handpan scale for sound therapies and meditative playing. When they say handpan music heals you internally, they point at the major scale.

In this specific scale, the root note of musical instrument hang lies on the ding. It travels towards the 5th and major 6th, eliminating the minor 7th scale. If you are searching for a major scale handpan to play in music concerts or collaborating with other musicians, the C major scale will be your perfect pick.


Ashakiran or Ayasa, meaning ray of hope or hope, is literally one of the finest scales that we host within our handpan shop. The Ayasa scale features 8 tones on the instrument’s upper shell.

In Ashakiran, the tones are extended by a 9th note on the upper shell and 3 notes in the lower. By the name, you can clearly guess its mood and sentiment. The tones are clear and well-balanced, making it well-fitted for both beginners and pro players.


Dorian scale is almost similar to the minor scales, and the only difference lies in a single note. The Dorian handpans raise its note 1 to release the tension of the minor 6th scale to some extent. And this, in turn, creates a soothing and calming effect. For contemplative emotions, meditative playing, and experiencing spiritual awakening, Dorian scales can be your number one choice when planning to handpans probespielen.


Pygmy is the 5th note or pentatonic variation of a handpan. Generally, this scale appears in two different forms. In one form, the middle note of the instrument is the first scale.  It moves directly to the minor 4th scale, skipping the 2nd and 3rd scale.

And in the second form, the first note is the middle note scale, which moves to the first side note. The pygmy scale generally brings a serene and melancholic vibe with it. The scale resembles to Raga Kokil Pancham, an Indian scale with the same intervals as our favourite Dorian pentatonic version.

These are the most popular hand drum instrument scales widely appreciated by music lovers globally. Hopefully, now when you will take the initiative of buying an ember steel handpan, you can pick your well-fitted scale conveniently. In our upcoming blog, we will discuss hang drum price, so stay tuned. And if you are looking for an authentic site where you can find the best quality hang drums for sale, you can explore our collections.