The name of the most soul-soothing, hypnotic, and elegant instrument is the Mystical Handpan. Not only is it adored for its elite musical supremacy but also for its wonderful, vibrant, and lustrous appearance. Besides, Mystical Handpans are very compatible, which means both beginners and intermediates can use them easily. And that’s why today we decided to focus on  5 different types of Mystical Handpan you can get in your store. 


5 Type Of Mystical Handpan Available


  • D Kurd 9 Nitrided


Mystical handpan scaled in D Kurd 9 of NItrided steel is regarded for its soothing and vibrant sound. This aesthetic beauty is known to lure the mind with its musical elegance. Comparatively, D Kurd 9 is very long-ranging, even very rich in tones. And the thing that makes it special is the resonance which provokes the flow of sound in different directions. 


Since it is made of nitrided steel it’s very robust in nature and durable for many years. Moreover, craftsmen craft this instrument to have a pleasant timbre, medium sustain, and very good tuning stability.



  • D Sabye Nitrided


Music is known for its enormous power that manipulates your soul and helps you feel positive. And D Sabye Mystical scale is the holder of such power, making this instrument the best type of Mystical Collection. Apart from the richness of overtones, Sabye is known for tonal swiftness that comes from its precise development by professional craftsmen.


Like D Kurd 9, D Sabye is also manufactured with nitrided steel. And this not only makes it very strong and durable but is best in creating timely vibration, which very much matters for creating influential music. 


  • D Sabye Ember Steel 


D Sabye Ember Steel is another fascinating scale from the Mystical Handpan range you can get in our store. Though it’s not very different from D Sabey Nitrided steel, it is more powerful and resonant in terms of music. Like nitrided steel instruments, Ember steel D Sabey also has a balanced richness of overtones which makes it another sensation in the music world.


Although you won’t feel the same playing these two despite their having identical scales. And this is because of differences in metal. But in this case, D Sabye Ember Steel wins because Ember steel is much harder than nitrided.


  • B2 Celtic Minor Ember Steel


If you are willing to swim in the sea of musical madness there is nothing better option than considering B2 Celtic Minor. It is actually one of the best Mystical handpans you would ever come across. 


Characterized by long and well-balanced sustain, this fine quality and well-resonant instrument is a treat for every ear. And the thing that makes it more special is its user-friendly nature, making it easy for both beginners and rookies. 


Since this handpan is crafted with ember steel it creates timely resonance making it one of the best handpan you can ever get.


  • D Kurd 9 Ember Steel


If versatility had another term, it definitely would be Mystical Handpan D Kurd 9 Ember Steel. With different tonal fields, you would enjoy the most musically diverse instrument you can ever play. Also, credit goes to its unique notes, which help it be more compatible with every genre. 


Overall, D Kurd 9 Mystical is the name of the perfect musical blend that feels like someone reading a poem in your years. As a special feature, D Kurd 9 Mystical Handpans are made with ember steel to keep them robust and potent in making strong vibrations.


Each and every scale from the Mystical Handpan range has its unique charm and beauty. No matter which one you pick, you can feel the essence of the melodic waves. So immediately visit our official website to buy the best hang drum, Yatao drum, Handpan Thomann, and Handpan Dojo. Also, read more blogs on topics like Hang Instrument and Hang instrument price in our blog section.




What Is The Most Popular Handpan Scale? 


One of the most popular and most admired handpan scales is called D Minor handpan, which is also called D Kurd. These handpans generally come in 9 layouts with the note root D. 


Is handpan hard to learn?


It completely depends on the ability of learners and the scale they choose with the number of notes.