What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word Handpan? It might be beautiful music, precise resonance, sound healing technology, and a big UFO-like shape, right? But what if we say you can get handpans with every natural specification but in a handy and small size? Yes! Mini or small handpan is especially known for its small cute size and travel-friendly facility. So if you are eager to know everything about this unique type, follow this write-up to get a detailed insight.


Difference Between Regular-Size And Small Handpan


Honestly, there is no difference between a regular handpan and a small handpan except for their size. A small size handpan is exactly built in the way a regular handpanis crafted. Although manufacturers use different size hammer stencils to tune them. Mini handpans measure half of the standard-sized handpans. Otherwise, there is no difference between a small and regular-size handpan. Though many people argue differences in resonance, still it is a minute factor to argue on.


5 Different Types of Small Handpans Available In the Market 


  • Mini Aelopan Celtic minor 


The first name that we have in our top small hand pan list is Mini Aelopan Celtic minor. Regardless of the size, the mini Aelopan is a perfect blend of precaution and melody instruments, all thanks to its balanced vibration. Manufacturers designed sound patterns that are particularly intuitive, making the instrument easy to play. 


  • Mini Yugen G Kurd 9


Are you searching for a hand pan drum that is rich in features? Then there is nothing more appropriate than this small-size hand pan. Not only is it adored by many musicians for its vibrant copper color, but also for its well-balanced sustain helping it to create different tunes. Even, this hand pan is crafted with nitrided steel making it some of the best small handpans in the market. 


  • Mini Vibe Drum


The Mini Vibe Moonshine drum is one of the most elegant and subtle small hand pan instruments you can add to your mini hand pan collection. Primarily mini-vibe drums are manufactured in the range of 9.75 inches with fine quality stainless steel making it the smallest hand pan drum you can ever get. The thing that took this instrument to the next level is soft yet high pitch tones. 


  • Personalized Mini Handpan Tongue drum


If you are searching for something that fits in your palm, the Personalized Mini Handpan Tongue drum would be a sleek choice for you. Do you know why? This hand pan is so far the smallest edition of handpan tongue drum you can ever find. With just 5.5 inches in size, this instrument can amaze you with its cute looks and fabulous sound. 


  • D Kurd 9 Mini Aelopan


Another miniature yet one of the most exquisite hand pan you can find in the hand pan market is D Kurd 9 Mini Aelopan. Made of nitrided anti rust stainless steel, this small handpan is a name of elegance in the hand pan world. 


Apart from these aspects, D Kurd 9 Mini Aelopan is super influential in creating the finest resonance despite its small size. The precise projection of soft high pitched sound can take you to another level.


  • Mini Aelopan F Major 9 Stainless Steel


The last one we have on our list is the F Major 9 stainless steel Mini Aelopan. Similar to the Celtic minor, this instrument is also famous for its soothing sound and most importantly small size. But what makes this instrument more intriguing is its precise tuning appropriate for both beginners and professionals. 


They say “good things come in a small package” and a mini or small handpan is the finest example of that. We host an extensive range of mini handpan scales, each having its own charms and accents. Also, we are proudly hosting Handpan Dojo, Harmony Handpan, Handpan 432 Hz, and Mystical Handpan in our shop. To learn about our hang instrument price contact us today.




What is the standard size of handpan?

Traditionally, a Handpan has a diameter of about 53-56 centimeters. On the one hand, this makes the Handpan relatively large. But many manufacturers manufacture hand pans small to make it handy.


How do I choose the right handpan?

‍Trust your fingers! Ideally, you should always try before you buy. Visit festivals, ask hand pan friends, put a call-out on forums for local players, and/or contact reputable makers to gather some verbal knowledge.