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Handpans are the newest member of the musical family.  Not only are they admired for their dreamy aesthetic appearance but also for the mesmerizing sound, which is discovered to be helpful for treating mental trauma, stress, depression and many more. But there are people who still don’t know enough about the instrument and try to invest in one. And that’s why today we decided to give you Handpan Berarung on 7 types of handpan styles.


Handpan Berarung On 7 Types Of Handpan Styles

  • Hang


Most people get confused between Handpan and Hang. Well, Hang is basically one of the oldest forms and name of handpan. It is basically a trademarked phrase for the instrument, which encouraged much of the handpan community. You can also call ‘Hang’ a sound sculpture since it was developed in 2000 by PANArt, an instrument manufacturing company owned by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer based in Switzerland.

  • Hang drum


Unlike Hang, Hang Drum is a non-trademarked variation that you should avoid while buying. And that’s an important Handpan Berarung you must keep in your mind before buying one for yourself. And the reason to avoid this instrument is that it implies that handpans can be struck like traditional drums, which could compromise the instrument’s delicate tuning.

  • Pantam


Pantam is another generic term that is synonymous with the original handpan and also differs in type. Actually, the term pantam evolved even before the name hang was introduced when an Israeli distributor began using the term instead of Hang due to language-based pronunciation difficulties. Apart from name differences, Pantams are slightly different in looks. Most bantams appear copper in colour and have a slight bulge in shape. 

  • Spacedrum


Have you ever looked at the handpan and ever thought about another thing that is identical to this instrument? Then sooner or later you figured out it looks like a UFO. And from that reference, most people prefer calling it a space drum. Although there is another detailed story behind this.  


When this melodic metal percussion handpan was created and manufactured by the French company Metal Sounds they gave the same space drum. So speaking of  Handpan Berarung regarding the instrument’s styles, both handpan and spacedrum are similar instruments with different names. 

  • Tongue drum


If you are searching for something that is very unique then a regular handpan, Tongue drum is the best choice for you. Tongue drums are nothing but another genre of handpan but specifically enormous like a handpan. When the tongues are hit or struck with a mallet, a bell-like sound is produced. 


Unlike regular handpans, tongue drums don’t have cute dimples that not only give handpans an exclusive aesthetic but a comprehensive sound spectrum that makes them special. Although, tongue drums have notes designed making them a type of handpan. 

  • Electric handpan


Are you searching for something extraordinary? Then the clear Handpan Berarung from our side would be to go for an electric handpan. So what is an electronic handpan? Well, it is an electric percussion device to mimic the sounds produced by handpans. Electric handpans are not actually handpans but rather electronic programs that allow users to experiment and practice with pre-recorded sound combinations and scales.

  • Sound sculptures


Sound Sculpture is basically a generic root term for any musical art form. And this includes the handpan instruments, which produce exceptional sound. However, the art of sound sculptures actually varies in size and scale. For different types of scales, there are different sound sculptures.


It’s obvious to get lost in the sea of different forms and styles of handpans while buying one from the handpan market. But following these Handpan Berarung can help you choose the perfect one yourself. So immediately visit our online handpan shop to handpans probespielen like ember steel handpan, small handpan and handpan günstig.


Is the handpan a healing instrument?


The synergy of Rhythm and Melody makes Handpan music a powerful therapeutic aid in both traditional and alternative healing practices, such as Music Therapy, Reiki treatments, Sound Baths and rituals of personal Healing.


What is sound healing called?

Also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy, this sound healing exercise uses low-frequency vibrations to increase cellular movement. This results in higher energy levels, increased mobility and reduced pain and inflammation.