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If you are familiar with Handpan you know how impactful this instrument is in the music industry. With the sweetest and ear-soothing sound this mysterious, UFO-shaped percussion took over millions of hearts. But do people truly know everything about this instrument? Despite its huge popularity, there are a lot of untold facts about handpan you must know before buying. That’s why we decided to answer the most asked questions on the Handpan Hang drum in this write-up. So follow till the end!


Five Most Asked Questions On Handpan Hang Drum


What Is a Handpan?


Handpan or Hang refers to the percussion instrument made of pure quality steel and alloy and looks like a UFO. It is a musical instrument commonly known for its beautiful sound that comes from different tonal fields, which is overall tuned between 440 to 432 Hz. 


Handpan Hang drum is a musical fusion of balanced, resonance, vibration and sustain, which also empowers them with music-healing ability. This means listening to handpan can help you restore your mental health and gift you a healthy lifestyle. Professionals shape Handpan with different conventional tools, which also makes it one of the best-handcrafted products in the music industry.


What Is The History Of Handpan?


The handpan instrument is neither very old nor very new. And It’s just been 2 decades since this instrument was officially introduced by two Swiss musicians and entrepreneurs. Taking the concept from the Caribbean steel pan drum, Felix Rohner, and Sabina Schärercreated created a beautiful musical instrument with 8 to 9 different notes in their instrument manufacturing company PANArt. 


This instrument was primarily Introduced as a Hang drum in Germany, later in 2007, it got its universal name as Handpan. And slowly gained popularity with a rich musical flow. 


How does a handpan work?


Handpan Hang drum is a type of percussion instrument and it completely works with vibration. When you stroke a note gently with your fingers, the vibration circulates creating the most soothing music anyone can ever hear. 


In detail, with each play, the tonal fields manipulate the metal to align three distinct frequencies. And this good alignment among the frequencies produces good-sounding notes. The connection among the frequencies on a given pan might disagree, however normally, every note resonates with an elementary tone, an octave, and a compound fifth.


Which Metal Is Used Developing Handpan?


There are 3 different kinds of steel professional Handpan manufacturers use while developing a Handpan drum. They are:

  • Nitrided Steel Example


One of the most commonly used metals to prepare handpan drums is nitrided steel. This metal is responsible for the deep vibrating sound a handpan creates, which can spiritually affect your feeling. Comparatively, this steel is very strong and more robust. Professionals take stainless steel and then give it nitrogen gas treatment to make it nitrided steel.


  • Stainless Steel Example


Few handpan sounds are very deep and resonant. Do you know what makes them potent in making such strong sounds? The Stainless steel! Stainless steel is very light in nature making it suitable to resonate more creating a deep and wonderful sound spectrum. 


  • Ember Steel Example


The best metal used for building a Handpan Hang drum is ember steel. This metal helps the handpan to create a precise resonance that flows on air equally and in every direction. Initially, this steel is better than both nitrided and stainless steel, responsible for a warmer tone. Even possessing a well-balanced sustain that helps this instrument to create a magical sound you can get from anywhere else. 


How to play a Handpan? 


If you want to play your handpan instrument you need to follow a few things. Handpan might look simple but it’s very complicated when it comes to music. With different scales and notes, you can face confusion while playing. So follow to take a professional guide. In this matter, you can get a book, which can guide you with the terminology you follow, techniques, and methods to handle your instrument. Then choose the right instrument for beginners.

So here we answered the 5 most asked questions on the Handpan Hang drum that you might be searching for. Now if it’s all clear to you, immediately visit our online shop to explore handpan instrument like the Amara handpan, handpan gebraucht kaufen, and handpan for sale. Also, visit our handpan workshops to know more.