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The musical bliss that heals tormented pain, stress, depression, and anxiety in listeners is handpan. This one-of-a-kind, UFO-shaped instrument became a revolution in modern music, which dominated millions of hearts. But the handpan Thomman is as sturdy as it is musically a masterpiece. With slight mishandling, you can degrade the shape of your instrument making it tuneless. So follow this blog to know 6 conditions where you need to protect these instruments. 


6 Conditions Where You Should Protect Handpan Thomann


  • Heat 


Heat is one of the main conditions where you need to be very precarious protecting your handpan. Since handpan Thomann are made with metals like steel, nitrided steel, and steel-related alloys, the instrument can react worst with temperature rise. So always prefer keeping your handpan near direct heat.


Remember, handpans are hollow steel drums! And if you give excess heat to the instrument, it can increase the air pressure inside affecting the tune of the instrument.


  • UV Rays


Similar to heat, UV rays are another natural condition where you need to cover your instrument to keep it protected. Though UV rays also heat up a handpan drum, it mainly affects the handpan metal. 


Handpans are mostly crafted with raw quality steel. If some manufacturers use alloy, they prefer keeping a percentage of steel more than other metals. And UV rays tenderize the steel surface making it easy to catch corrosion.


  • Moisture


When you are dealing with metal, the first and foremost thing you need to keep in your mind is to keep it dry and completely moisture-free. In humid environments, metal corrodes significantly and more quickly. And this mainly occurs due to the reaction between oxygen and electrons on the metal’s surface and the moisture-saturated air. 


Factually, metal components corrode more quickly the longer they are exposed to humid air. So make sure to protect your handpan Thomann in weather conditions with high moisture. 


  • Cold


Low temperature is also another harmful climatic factor like high temperature for handpans. You need to be very cautious about handpan visiting any cold climatic condition. As it’s mentioned earlier, metals absorb heat easily and can convey this to the whole surface. 


Despite not having as strong of an adverse effect as heat it still can affect the quality of tones created by handpan. Ultimately, your instrument would make abnormal sounds during playing. 


  • Humidity


Have you ever wondered why car paints mostly oxidize in humid weather? Well, the answer is metals aren’t appropriate for exceedingly humid weather. And this clears who excess humidity is a threatening factor to the health of your Handpan. 


Since a handpan Thomann is made of pure quality steel, humidity can accelerate the rusting of steel, making it useless. So make sure to protect your valuable instrument from humid weather by using handpan covers or thermal covers excellent to keep handpan instruments safe.


  • Dusty Condition


Many musicians and handpan players have been complaining about shell rust for the past few years. And in most cases, it has been found that poor maintenance and cleaning caused rust. 

When dust and grime sediment down on the surface of the steel, they naturally react causing rust. So if you want to protect your handpan, always prefer keeping it out of dusty condition. 


Handpan Thomann is some of the costliest instruments of recent times. And it’s your foremost duty to protect it from these denoted 6 conditions. So what are you waiting for? Buy harmony handpan, handpan 432 hz, mystical handpan, and handpan Celtic Minor along with their covers through our official website. Also, now hang instrument price in our shop section.




Are handpans loud?

Yes, handpans are loud and can be played much louder than any other percussion instrument and for many have a magical sound that captivates them. All thanks to its precise design that makes better resonance. 


How long does a handpan last?

The most important quality feature of a handpan is that it can be sorted for years in the condition of better care. If you handle the instrument properly, the handpan will not become out of tune for at least 2-3 years.


Do handpans go out of tune?

Yes, handpans can go out of tune if you play too hard. While you are playing a handpan you are hitting it as hard as a hammer, but over time, playing too hard with your fingers can still change the tuning of your handpan.