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When it comes to better health, nothing can beat the importance of mental well-being. The calmer you mentally get the better you gain health. But do you know what can blend peace into your lifestyle? Hang Instrument or handpan! Handpan is the only natural way to engage yourself with mental relaxation. Its music is like the bliss of peace in your ear. And that thriving joy of music is known to heal naturally. So if you want to know how sound therapy works in handpan, follow this write-up till the end.


What is Hang Instrument


Before getting into the hang drum and its sound healing ability, let’s know what a hang instrument is. Well, it is a type of musical instrument of percussion category, which is growing its roots all over the globe. 


While most musical instruments are centuries old, the handpan was invented in the 21st century by two Swiss musicians in 2000, named Felix Rohinar and Sabina Scharer in Switzerland. 


Felix and Sabina primarily handcrafted this drum in their instrument manufacturing company called PanArt and named it handpan. Later, when this instrument was introduced in Germany it gained popularity and was widely called “Hang”.


What is Music Therapy

Like other renowned methods of medication, music is another progressive way of healing people. Though music cannot heal wounds, it is known to create mental relaxation that makes your body function properly, which can intensify the healing process. 


Music therapy is basically a process by which you can improve your mental health and well-being. Since studies proved that emotions vibrate on different levels of frequency, you can be more stress-free and creative and polish your problem-solving skills at the same time.

Healing Power Of Hang Instrument

Handpans are irreplaceable musical instruments when it comes to sound healing. Handpan is some of the most resonant instruments of recent times. Apart from that, there is no other instrument that can create three different fundamental frequencies. 


In detail, handpans have a 1:2:3 frequency ratio, where three different frequencies emerge at the same time, each time it’s stroked. Moreover, these three frequencies travel parallelly in every direction without changing their form. And this feature makes the music hang instrument ear soothing. 


4 Healing Benefits You Can Get From Handpan

  • Relief From Stress


The fundamental benefit you would feel from handpan sound therapy is stress relief. The soothing sounds help to re-tune your brain to cope with stress better by replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sound.

  • Boost In Confidence


Secondly, creating new, positive patterns in your brain with sound therapy can also give you a great confidence boost. You will be able to take charge of new challenges and have the confidence to make necessary changes in your life. 

  • More Energy


Much of the way you feel is connected to signals that your brain sends throughout the body. A body under stress feels tired, hopeless, and pressurised. Sound therapy feeds your brain with stimulating sounds that motivate it to release latent energy.

  • Think More Clearly


By using specific frequencies to help rebalance brain function, sound therapy can help you think clearer and avoid the addiction to self-destructive habits. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body and you can break the cycle of negative thinking and habits to enjoy a much calmer and more focused life.


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What culture does handpan come from?

The handpan might appear centuries old, but it is actually very new. It was made by two Swiss artists Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer who christened the “Hang” meaning “hand” in Bernese German.


Is handpan Costly?

Handpan is some of the costliest musical instruments of recent times. However, it may seem high cost comes from its unique looks but actually because it’s handmade and needs days and months to design.