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You might have heard from someone or somewhere that – “music is a way of life”. Interestingly, it proved to be accurate and all thanks go to the handpan, which is one of the most soothing musical instruments ever created. Apart from being a factor of amusement, music became a part of the medication. And that’s why today we decided to focus on 3 different types of harmony handpan scales in this writeup.


What is Harmony Handpan?


A harmony handpan is basically a type of handpan or handpan scale that resonates precisely or is tuned at 432 Hz. In detail, the harmony handpan is a perfect blend of percussion and melody you need to create ear-soothing music. You can classify harmony handpans in 3 different scales, which include handpan Kurd, Handpan Amara, and Hijaz. So let’s know these 3 different kinds of handpan in detail in the following. 


3 Different Type Of Harmony Handpans


  • Handpan D Kurd Scale


Handpan D Kurd Scale is a fantastic harmony Handpan you can play anytime anywhere. The thing that makes Kurds special is their precise tuning making them elegant and subtle in nature. Developed with nitrided steel, D Kurd scale handpans are best for resonating. And all credit goes to its artistic handcrafting. The Handpan is the perfect combination of percussion and melody instrument. Therefore you get dents and a small hill in the middle of the body. These surfaces become the various sound fields. 


These handpans are professionally tuned to create optimal resonance vibration across all tones. Disturbing metallic sounds do not arise during playing, it would feel like the tones are bright and long-lasting.


Since it produces soothing music you get both mental and physical harmony playing and listening to it. The music is so dense that it can take you on a spiritual journey. The fascinating timbre of the Harmony D Kurd scale Handpan is ideal as a musical accompaniment for spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation.


  • Handpan D Amara Scale



The handpan D Amara Scale is a special harmony handpan that perfectly blends deep tone with musical softness. The two metal bowls of this instrument are hardened with a special process that includes nitrogen gas,  which not only makes this kind of instrument robust but potent in creating better vibration.


Primarily, the D Amara scale is known and admired for its bright, long-lasting sound. The unique, soft, ethereal and mysterious sound can dominate your feeling, making your time blissful. Not to mention, the timber of the sound created by the D Amara scale handpan can give you a relaxing vibe, captivating your inner peace.


The instrument derives its structure in this way. The halves are then intricately hammered by hand as part of their production process. As a result, the body develops dents and a little hill in the centre. The diverse sound fields are created by these surfaces. A circle of eight more notes surrounds the core note, which is situated in the center.


  • Handpan F Hijaz Scale


Like Kurd and Amara, the F Hijaz scale is another top-of-the-line harmony handpan. Since metal shells are crafted with 100% fine-quality nitrided steel you can get better resonance from this instrument. And that’s what makes this instrument special and harmonic.


Tuning for these Harmony Handpans is executed by an expert craftsman. And this creates a high-caliber quality and sound from the instrument which is leaving a long-lasting impression. Besides, all of the tones produced by the handpan have a pleasing resonance vibration giving it a legacy of harmony. With its enduring tone, it instantly persuades, there is a clear distinction between the tones. Thus, crosstalk is avoided.


The Handpan F Hijaz Scale is ideal for beginners due to its detailed tonal fields. Despite the intuitive and simple playing technique, fascinating sound patterns can be created with this Handpan scale. So no wonder why this scale is perfect to start your career in music. Buying this handpan would help you with handling learning risks like complex rhythms, virtuosic melodies, captivating chords or two-voice melodies.


Handpan is just a name of a musical revolution that the modern era needed to incorporate natural peace, calmness and relaxation in their life. And the thing that helped this instrument to play that part are these mentioned 3 different types of scales of harmony handpan group. So follow our website to buy harmony handpan products long with handpan 432 Hz, Opsilon handpan drum, and handpan günstig. Also know more about handpan unterricht or handpan spielen lernen on our website.