In the world of music, the name of ultimate truth is the handpan. Not only does it create the best resonance among others, but it also purifies the soul of listeners. With the magic of beautiful, ear-soothing sound, this UFO-shaped instrument is a treat for people suffering from mental stress. And these facts are things that probably attracted you to buy one. But in the sea of different manufacturers, you face issues selecting the best instrument for yourself. And that’s why we are discussing 7 considerations to follow in choosing the best handpan drum.


7 Main Considerations To Follow For Choosing The Best Handpan Drum

Choosing the best-quality handpan is difficult, especially when you are a beginner. And these 7 considerations for selecting the
best handpan drum for beginners can help you out.


  • Tuning Of The Instrument


Tune is a fundamental aspect of an instrument. Without a proper tune, a sound feels like a headache. So choosing a handpan according to its tonal quality is the first consideration you must focus on. 


Choosing a handpan according to its tune would primarily help you enjoy this mystical instrument’s essence. In this matter, you can take help from a manufacturer or any trusted instrument expert while choosing.


  • Sound Quality Of The Instrument


The tune might be fundamental but not as important as sound quality. And this is another trait that classifies the best handpan drum from others. This is where you need to use your ear, your scene, your heart, and your brain altogether to choose one for yourself. 


Overall, you just need to feel the warmth and tenderness of the music. If you find the sound of the instrument doesn’t hit you from inside, it’s not worth investing.


  • Handpan Sustain


Another primary consideration you must not miss out on while choosing an instrument for yourself is the sustain. But what is sustain? Well, this primarily defines the ability of the instrument to maintain the sound of a single note in one play. However, handpans are characterized by good and well-balanced sustain. But flaws in manufacturing can break sustain-balance. So always be aware of checking sustain.


  • Balanced Notes


Do you know the most crucial factor you must consider while choosing the best handpan drum? Balanced notes! Remember versatility of an instrument makes a musical instrument complete. Flat notes make an instrument versatile and compatible with all kinds of music. And technical mistakes are common while developing this instrument. So make sure you assess it by consulting with an expert.


  • Tone Consistency


Initially, handpan is known for its healing quality. With musical beauty, this instrument is learned to heal mental health, stress, anxiety, and many more. But do you know why? Well, because of its consistency in tones. So now, if you want to get a handpan for yourself, ensure it has better tone consistency. You can try playing the instrument on the spot to determine its tone performance. Or else take the help of a professional.


  • Rust Resistant


Do you know what feature should a good quality handpan instrument possess? Their rust-free nature. And this is another consideration you must consider while buying one for yourself. Before investing in these expensive handmade instruments, you must ensure they are rust-free and fine in quality.


  • The precision of the Harmonics


Lastly, you must follow the harmonics before buying the best handpan drum. Not to mention, handpans are excellent for creating a clay-like, more ceramic sound you can ever hear. And all thanks go to its 1:2:3 frequency ratio. 


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How do you pick a good Handpan?

There are 3 fundamental facts you need to follow to pick up a good handpan. They are the number of notes, the scale of the instrument, and lastly, the physicality of the device.


How is a Handpan tuned?

A handpan consists of two sheets of steel, shaped into a dome where notes are hammered to make a musical scale. With a hammer, professional craftsmen tune each note. And it takes thousands of hammer strokes for the builder to fully adjust a handpan.